Download Asus M10 Owner`s manual

Get to Know Your nüvifone
View the Status
1. Tap the status bar along the top of
the screen.
Lock Your nüvifone
Lock the touchscreen on your nüvifone
to prevent accidental taps.
1. Press the
2. Tap .
2. From the slider menu at the top of
the screen, select Status, Search,
or Notification.
3. Tap an item to update it or view
more information about it.
Adjust the Volume
1. Press the volume key up or down.
2. Adjust the volume:
• Move the slider up and down to
adjust the volume.
• Tap
to place the device in
vibrate mode.
• Tap
to mute the device.
To adjust the lock settings, see page 97.
Unlock Your nüvifone
1. Quickly press the Power key, if
2. Slide
. If there are multiple
unlock icons, tap and slide the icon
for the item you want to open.
NOTE: To customize your system
volume settings, see page 93.
nüvifone M10 Owner’s Manual