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Output D Options
P37E 1-8E 1-8E
Display text
Modulated Output Siren Driver to Output: this option is used to assign a Modulated Siren tone to an
output. The option only applies to Outputs 1 and 2. For the modulated siren tone to
work correctly, an 8Ώ speaker must be connected to the output concerned. Outputs 1
and 2 have different sounds so that a user can tell which output is operating.
Output Reset and Output Reset Time is in Minutes: the Output reset time (P40E) is normally in seconds.
Chime is in
This means that the output timing can be set from 1-9999 seconds (approximately 2.8
hours). If a longer time period is required, by turning this option on the reset time is
calculated in minutes (e.g. 1-9999 minutes allowing up to 166.65 hours).
Output Disable
Output Silenced for 10 seconds on key-press: when the alarm is armed and activated
it can be difficult sometimes to turn the alarm off because you are unable to hear the
beeps as you enter you code at the keypad. If this option is turned on the selected
output/s will silence (turn off) for 10 seconds on the first button press at any keypad.
This should allow easy disarming of the alarm by a valid User. If the alarm is not
turned off within the 10 seconds, the outputs will turn on again. This function will only
work once during an Armed cycle and the panel must be Disarmed before it will work
Up to version 9.07: Spare
Output Disable
for 2-way Voice
Valid as of version 9.07:
Turn Output OFF during Two Way Voice Mode: if the panel has a full duplex two way
voice board fitted and the settings at P175E 2E option 8 and P183E option 5 are set
to allow full duplex mode, any outputs with this option turned on will be disabled while
two way voice is operational. This is to ensure that local sirens do not interfere with
the two way voice audio signal.
According EN 50131-3 if an alarm occurred during Exit Delay the dialer should
reported only after 30sec.
And the Siren shouldn't activate until the Exit delay is expired.
Output Monitored: this option is used to allow Monitoring of the output status (e.g.
wire to siren has been cut). The option only applies to Outputs 1 and 2.
Output on delay, pulse, reset and chime times
Output Delay Time
P38E 1-8E 0-9999E
(0-9999 Seconds, 0 = no delay)
The On delay allows the operation of the output to be delayed by the time
programmed at this location. If set to 0 there will be no on delay and the output will
operate the instant it is turned on.
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