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Counter-Flow configurability | 13
SM Series Heat Pump
14. Secure (2) the now horizontal blower brackets
to the unit base using (4) screws. (Figure#35)
Figure # 37
17. Reinstall all unit panels.
Figure # 35
15. Reconnect blower motor wiring and ground
16. Remove and retain plastic Blower opening
cover by removing (6) screws and cutting/
tearing insulation at perforations around the
perimeter of cover. Reinstall it in the new
location (Figure#36 and #37)
The Counter-Flow Configuration water source heat
pump is a dedicated down flow configuration.
Available from the factory in Left-hand and righthand return air configurations.
The Vertical (VT) Configuration water source heat
pump is designed to be field configured for various
configurations. This is achieved by relocating
Electrical box (E-box), unit panels and reorienting
blower to discharge UP, BACK OR SIDE. See Figure
#37 through #41 for more detail.
The unit, as shipped from the factory, is
configured in left hand return configuration.
Discharge air configuration change is not
possible on Heat Pumps equipped with
Electric Heat Option.
Figure # 36
Blower, E-box and panel configuration
changes should be done prior to unit being
installed in the final location.
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