Download Yamaha F225D Instruction manual

Boat System
111 Tilt limiter
■■ Setting the tilt limiter
•• Make sure the outboard motor is mounted in the proper position. See
Rigging Guide or Service Manual.
•• Make sure to keep the clearance of 50.8 mm (2.0 in) or more between the
outboard motor and the motor well.
•• For two or more outboard motors, make sure there is enough clearance
between units when tilted- or trimmed-up outboard motor is steered.
•• Pay attention to your surroundings.
You can set the position of the motor (V8 models only) where the tilt limiter is activated.
The tilt limiter allows the tilt-up action to be halted at a set angle, preventing the top
cowling from coming into contact with the motor well when the outboard motor is tilted
Stop the engine.
Fully tilt the outboard motor down.
Display the Boat System menu.
Click the [1) Tilt Limiter] button in the 2nd-level menu or press the [1], [Enter], or
right arrow key on your keyboard.