Download Yamaha F225D Instruction manual

1111A completion message appears.
1111Click the [OK] button or press the [Enter] key on your keyboard.
1111Start the engine and disconnect the USB cable between the adapter and
computer to set the system in ready-to-record state.
1111Check that a red light is blinking.
1111The system stops logging at a predetermined time, or when the USB cable is
connected to the adapter again.
•• If removing the USB cable, then replace the adapter cap to prevent water from
•• Removing the USB cable means the adapter will enter recording status, and
connecting the USB cable will end this status.
•• If the engine speed is 500 r/min or less, then 5 samples will be recorded then
recording stopped. However, because this is still in recording status, if the engine
speed increases to 500 or more, recording will start again.
•• During operation, the adapter is supplied power from the engine. If the engine is
stopped while the adapter is recording, then the rechargeable battery within will
perform a backup. (Guaranteed for 48 hours with the battery charged for an hour)
•• If the internal battery becomes depleted, recorded data will be deleted.
Accordingly, before this happens save the data or connect the adapter to the
engine with the engine ON and recharge the battery.
•• If recording status is ended, then as long as the data within the adapter is not
deleted, the adapter may not record new data.
•• If you leave the engine off for more than 1 hour after stopping it with the adapter
connected, make sure to disconnect the adapter from the watercraft to prevent
the watercraft battery from being depleted. Connect the adapter to restart
a K-Line harness