Download Yamaha F225D Instruction manual

Display the 3rd-level menu.
Click the [Logger Graph] in the 3rd-level menu or [OK] button, or press the [Enter]
key on your keyboard.
•• Even while the engine is running, the graph display does not show the current
engine state. The graph shows the figures from the moment when the [Logger
Graph] or the [OK] button was clicked, or the [Enter] key was pressed.
•• Some items may not be available depending on the model of the watercraft.
The Logger graph is displayed.
•• To view other items, click the [ ] or [ ] buttons, or press the up or down arrow
keys on your keyboard or the [ ] or [ ] buttons to move through the screens
one at a time.
•• Click the [<] or [>] buttons or press the right or left arrow keys on your keyboard
to move the guidelines (the red lines) position one gradient in the relevant
direction. The figures for the position that matches the guidelines (the red lines)
appear at the top right of the table.