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Scala design corded phone
Black and White
Safe and reliable connection
in style
Philips Scala transforms traditional communication into a trendy experience, without
losing ergonomic comfort. With its modern and elegant design, this corded phone
delivers on reliability, eco-friendliness and excellent quality.
Outstanding design in high quality execution
• Cleverly hinged display for easy reading from any angle
• Comfortable, perfectly weighted handset for longer calls
• Can be placed on a tabletop or mounted on a wall
Ultimate safety and reliability
• Radiation-free
• Secure connection at any time, even during power cuts
• Event LED alerts you to missed calls
Smart, simple and easy to use
• High contrast, 7cm (2.75") white on black reverse display
• Speakerphone allows you to talk handsfree
• Save up to 25 favorite contacts in your phonebook
• Caller ID - so you always know who is calling
• Privacy protection with silence mode and mute mode
• Hearing aid compatible - reduces unwanted noise
Scala design corded phone
Black and White
2.75" white on black display
Cleverly hinged display
humming, or whining noise that can otherwise
High contrast, 7cm (2.75") white on black
reverse display
25-name phone book
Cleverly hinged display offers you a clear view
of the phone display from any angle – whether
the phone is placed on a tabletop or mounted
on a wall. Large, high contrast white-on-black
reverse LCD and large font characters ensure
added comfort and effortlessness in reading
the display.
Corded phones do not emit any harmfull
radation as the connection between the base
and the handset is made through a coiled cord.
Secure connection at any time
Comfortable handset
Comfortable, perfectly weighted handset for
longer calls
Always have the phone numbers of your loved
ones available: Save up to 25 names in your
Event LED
Caller ID
Sometimes it is good to know who is calling
before you answer. And our Caller ID lets you
keep track of who is on the other end of the
The red Event LED that’s nicely integrated in
the display will blink to alert you whenever
there’s a missed call. With the smart CallLog
feature, you can easily check which call you
missed with just the touch of a button.
Corded phones do not rely on the power
supply from the electrical outlet since the
power required for their operation is directly
sourced from the landline cable. This makes
corded phones one of the most reliable
communication choices, especially during
power cuts. With the coiled cord connecting
the comfortable handset to the base, you will
always be able to find your handset. Enjoy long,
hassle- and worry-free communication –
Hearing aid compatible
Silence mode and mute mode
Privacy protection with silence mode and mute
This feature enables the phone to couple with
the hearing aid to amplify conversation while
reducing ambient noise and the buzzing,
Handsfree mode uses a built-in loud speaker to
amplify the voice of the caller, allowing you to
speak and listen during a call without holding
the phone to your ear. This is especially useful
if you want to share the call with others or
simply multitask.
Scala design corded phone
Black and White
Memory Capacity
Base station ringers: Buzzer
Volume Control: Volume Control up/down
• Display size: 7.0cm/2.75"
• Display type: 1-line dot matrix + 1-line numeric +
• Backlight: Yes
• Backlight color: White
Speakerphone - talk handsfree
Battery level indicator: Low and empty battery icon
Date / Time display
Programmable hot keys: Key 1 and 2
Call Management: Call Waiting, Caller ID,
Microphone mute, Missed Calls, Received Calls
• Key tone on/off
• Auto hang up
• Line cord length: 1.8m
Phonebook: 25 names and numbers
Redial List Capacity: 10 last numbers
Call log entries: 40
Phonebook store in the base
Battery capacity: 1.5V
Battery type: AAA non-rechargeable
Battery type: AAA
Number of batteries: 3
Network Features
• Dialing: Tone, Pulse
Packaging dimensions
Packaging type: Carton
Number of products included: 1
Type of shelf placement: Laying
Packaging dimensions (W x H x D):
31.8 x 9.5 x 8.1 cm
Gross weight: 0.743 kg
Nett weight: 0.581 kg
Tare weight: 0.162 kg
EAN: 48 95185 60198 4
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