Download Pololu Jrk USB Motor Controller User`s Guide

Pololu Jrk USB Motor Controller User's Guide
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The jrk 21v3 and jrk 12v12 each ship with a straight 0.1″ breakaway male header []
strip and two appropriately sized 2-pin terminal blocks (3.5 mm pitch for the 21v3 and 5 mm pitch for the 12v12). To
provide maximum flexibility, none of these parts are soldered to the board (unless you ordered our fully assembled
jrk 21v3 [], which ships with these parts soldered in as shown in the assembled jrk
21v3 picture above).
For the most compact installation, you can solder wires directly to the jrk pads themselves and skip using the included
hardware. The included hardware allows you to make less permanent connections. You can break the header strip into
smaller pieces, such as an 8×1 piece and two 3×1 pieces, and solder these strips into the jrk’s I/O pads.
The three mounting holes are intended for use with #2 screws [] (not
Note: A USB A to mini-B cable [] (not included) is required to connect
this device to a computer.
1.a. Module Pinout and Components
Pololu jrk 21v3 USB motor controller with feedback, labeled top view.
1. Overview
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