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Auto Store
Frequency AutoStore – Automatically stores all active
frequencies within a system you select.
Talk Group ID AutoStore – Automatically stores all new
talk group ID’s into a system you select.
Priority Scan – Priority channels let you keep track of
activity on your most important channel(s) while
monitoring other channels for transmissions.
Priority Plus – You can set the scanner so it scans only
the priority channels
Backlight and Power
LCD Back Light – Makes the display easy to see in dim
light. You can adjust the back light so it turns on when you
press a key, when squelch breaks during a transmission,
or manually.
Low Battery Alert – The scanner alerts you if the
batteries need to be recharged or replaced.
Battery Save – You can set the scanner so it reduces the
amount of power it needs if there are no transmissions.
Key Controls
Key Lock – You can deactivate the scanner’s keys to
help prevent accidentally changing the scanner’s
PC Control and Cloning
PC Control – You can transfer programming data to and
from your scanner and your personal computer, and
control the scanner using a computer. This helps you find
frequencies listed on the Internet and load them into the
Feature Highlights