Download Sharp PN-L703B touch screen monitor

Handwriting by importing the screen
You can capture the screen displayed on the host, import it into the client, and draw on it
with the client.
Android/iOS device: On the main screen on the client, tap [Open menu] - [User
Windows device: On the main screen on the client, tap [User Memo].
The screen displayed on the host is imported into the client.
Draw on the handwriting area.
(1) Handwriting area: The area where handwriting operations are possible.
(2) Show/hide operation menu: Shows/hides the operation menu.
(3) Change operation menu position: Changes the display position of the operation
(4) Pen: Configures the pens and draws text and graphics. (page 18)
For Windows devices, touch and select the pen type from the displayed pull-down
(5) Eraser: Deletes a drawn line.
(6) Save: Saves the handwritten memo. (Save format: JPG)
(7) User Memo List: Displays the history of handwritten memos. (page 18)
(8) Zoom out: Reduces the current screen.
(9) Zoom in: Enlarges the current screen.
(10) Fit: Returns the screen from an enlarged or reduced state to its normal size.
The entire screen is displayed maintaining its aspect ratio.
(11) Screen: Adjusts which portion of the screen to display.
(2) (3)
(5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)(11)
Windows Device
(6) (7)
(5) (11) (8) (9) (10)
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