Download Sharp PN-L703B touch screen monitor

Opening files
2. Select file.
You can open files received.
On Android devices you operate files in the Downloads folder on the SD card.
On iOS devices you operate files saved on the device's own memory
Android/iOS device
1. On the main screen on the client, tap [Received Files].
A list of files received from the host appears.
(1) Preview area
The area where a preview of the selected file is displayed.
Zoom in or out by pinching in or out.
If previews cannot be displayed, an icon image for each type of data is displayed.
Android devices can display previews of JPEG and PNG files.
iOS devices can display previews of JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, Excel (.xls/.xlsx),
Word (.doc/.docx), and PowerPoint (.ppt/.pptx) files. (Layouts may not be displayed
(1) Current folder display area
Displays the directory path of the file.
(2) Open/Close menu
Shows/hides the Preview screen menu.
(2) Received file list/User memo file list
Displays a list of the selected files.
•• If the file extension is not recognized by the client, the default icon (
a list.
) is displayed in
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