Download Sharp PN-L703B touch screen monitor

Client operation (Windows device)
Paste on Current Sheet
JPEG (.jpe, .jpeg, .jpg), PNG (.png)
Send to Pen Software
JPEG (.jpe, .jpeg, .jpg), PNG (.png), TIFF (.tif, .tiff),
PDF (.pdf)*1, Excel (.xls, .xlsx)*2, Word (.doc, .docx)*2,
PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx)*2
On the main screen on the client, tap [File].
Tap [Send to Host].
Send to Folder
All types (It is not possible to send certain file types.)
Select the file and tap [Open].
Select a transfer method and send the files.
*1: Requires that Adobe Reader is installed on the host.
• Whentheimagedisplayedonthepreviewscreenisflickedup,itcanbesentusing
“Paste on Current Sheet”.
• When the “Shake to Send File” check box is selected, you can send an image with
"Paste on Current Sheet" by holding the client on the preview screen and gently shaking
* Take care not to drop the device.
• Filescannotbesentifthe"Acceptfile"checkboxonthehostisnotselected.
• Pen Software may operate slowly if high-resolution images are used.
• WhensendingPDFfilestoPenSoftware,ensurethattheAdobeReaderlicense
agreement and dialog is not displayed. If they are displayed, the application will not
function correctly.
(1) Paste on Current Sheet
The selected images are pasted to the current sheet of the whiteboard in Pen
• Do not change the name of “Send print data to SHARP Pen Software” in “Devices and
Printers”. If the name is changed, the application will not function correctly.
(2) Send to Pen Software
Imports selected files as images just like those printed on a printer to the
whiteboard in Pen Software.
(3) Send to Folder
Sends and saves selected files to a specified host folder.
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