Download Miele DG 2350 Operating instructions

Practical tips
Deep frozen food can also be defrosted
using steam in this appliance.
Defrosting this way takes much less
time than when defrosting at room
Proceed as follows:
^ You can place the meat in a pot or on
the rack.
^ Select the DEFROST function and
confirm your selection.
^ Change the recommended
temperature if necessary (see chart)
and confirm your selection.
^ Select the defrost time (see chart)
and start the programme.
Tips on defrosting
– All meat and poultry should be fully
defrosted before cooking. When
defrosting meat or poultry place the
condensate tray underneath the rack
to catch the defrosted liquid, so that
the meat is not lying in this liquid. It is
particularly important to observe
food hygiene rules when defrosting
poultry. Do not use the liquid from
defrosted poultry. Pour it away and
wash the tray, the sink and your
hands. Danger of salmonella!
– Food which will not drip can be
placed on the rack or in a dish once
the wrapping has been removed.
– Fish does not need to be fully
defrosted before cooking. Defrost so
that the surface is sufficiently thawed
to take herbs and seasoning.
– Turn, stir or separate food about
half-way through the defrosting time.
– Allow food to stand at room
temperature at the end of the
defrosting time. This standing time
(see chart) is necessary to ensure
that the food is fully defrosted right
through to the core.
– Do not refreeze food once it has
– Defrost deep frozen pre-cooked
meals according to the
manufacturer's instructions.
– Defrost baked goods in a sealed
freezer bag.