Download Miele DG 2350 Operating instructions

Practical tips
Meal planning
It is very economical and practical to
cook a whole meal at the same time in
the steam oven.
Proceed as follows:
^ Place cooking containers on different
levels or place them side by side or
one on top of the other on the rack.
In general, the cooking times will vary
according to the type of food. This
means that you will need to open the
steam oven at different times to add a
particular dish. Our test kitchen
recommends the following procedure,
as shown in this example (Function:
Fish fillet
20 minutes
6 minutes
4 minutes
^ To calculte the cooking time subtract
the cooking time for the fish from the
time for the rice: 20 - 6 = 14
Place the rice in the oven and cook
for 14 minutes.
^ To calculate the next cooking time
subtract the time for the broccoli from
the time for the fish: 6 - 4 = 2
Cook the rice and the fish for 2
minutes then put the broccoli in the
^ Then cook all three for the remaining
time, i.e. 4 minutes.
At the end of the cooking time you can
remove all the dishes at the same time.