Download Miele DG 2350 Operating instructions

Cleaning and care
Oven interior
Clean the cooking compartment after
each use.
It is advisable to remove the side
runners when you wish to give the oven
a thorough clean.
Use a sponge or absorbent cloth to
wipe off the condensate which has built
up in the compartment.
Most cooking residues can be removed
easily with a damp cloth and a mild
solution of hot water and washing up
Proceed as follows:
^ Pull on the fixing knob to release it.
The runners can then be removed
easily. Remove them by pulling them
first of all to the side a, and then out
from the back b .
Wipe the interior with clean water and
rub dry.
Also clean and dry the roof of the oven,
condensate channels, inside of the
door and compartment for the water
However, make sure that you do not
get any washing-up liquid solution
on the door seal.
The runners can be cleaned with water
and washing up liquid or in a
To re-fit the runners reverse the above
procedure. First fit them into the back of
the oven and them push them in at the