Download Siemens Mobile Phone User guide

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User group
KUser group
KSelect a function.
If offered by the service provider,
this service enables groups to be
formed. These have access for example to internal (company) information or special tariffs apply to them.
Check with your service provider for
Activate/deactivate function. "User
group" must be deactivated for normal phone use (phone code, p. 14).
Select group
You may select or add groups other
than the preferred groups (see below). The service provider supplies
you with code numbers for the
Outgoing access
In addition to network control for a
user group, it is possible to set
whether outgoing calls outside the
group are permitted. If the function
is deactivated, only calls within the
group are permitted.
Preferred group
If activated, only calls within this
standard user group can be made
(depending on the network configuration).
Master reset
§Menu§KSetupKMaster reset
The phone is reset to the default values (factory setting) (does not apply
to SIM card and network settings).
Alternative input in standby mode:
* #9999#A