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SIM services (optional)
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Your service provider may offer special applications such as mobile
banking, stock market etc. via the
SIM card.
If you have such a SIM card the SIM
services will appear at the top of the
main menu or directly above the
control key (on the left).
Symbol of the SIM
If there is more than one application
they are displayed in the "SIM services" menu.
SMS Push
This function allows you to call up an
Internet address (URL) directly from
an SMS you received. After selecting
it, the URL is highlighted. By pressing
the Call key A the WAP browser is
automatically started and the highlighted Internet address is called up.
Software version
To display the software version of
your phone in standby mode enter:
* # 0 6 #, then press §Info§.
Two phone numbers
§Menu§KSIM serv
With the SIM services menu, your
phone is ready for the future and will
support additions to your service
provider's user package. For further
information, please contact your
service provider.
Special settings can be made for
each phone number (e.g. ringtone,
call divert etc.). Switch to the required number first.
SMS status report
§Line 1§
If the phone was unable to send the
message to the service centre a retry
option is available. If this attempt
also fails, contact your service
The message sent! text only indicates
that the message has been transmitted to the service centre which now
tries to deliver the message within a
certain period.
See also "Validity", p. 40.
To switch the phone number/line in
standby mode:
(Wireless Application Protocol)
A technical standard that is the basis
of the connection between mobile
radio networks and the Internet.
WAP enables mobile surfing using
the mobile phone in the Internet,
downloading of sounds, pictures
and animations and the use of WAP
services such as news, share prices
or information.