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Input menu
During text input:
Hold down. The input
menu is displayed:
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Input language
Operating times
Mark text
A fully charged battery provides 60
to 300 hours of standby time or 90
to 360 minutes of talk time. The
standby times/talk times are average
values and depend on the operating
conditions (see table):
International dialling codes
Many international dialling codes
are stored in your phone.
In standby mode (0 is not necessary when dialling from the Phonebook):
§ +List §
T Message store full
The SIM memory is full when the
message symbol flashes. No more
SMS messages can be received. Delete or save messages (p. 35).
Hold down until a "+" is displayed. This replaces the
first two digits of the international dialling code.
Select the required country. The international dialling code is displayed. Now add the national
number (in many countries without
the first digit) and press the Call key.
Key lock
The key lock prevents the phone
from being used accidentally. However you can still be called and you
can still make an emergency call.
The keypad can be locked and unlocked in standby mode as follows.
# Hold down.
carried out
Time Decrease in the
(min) standby time by
30 to 60 minutes
Display back 1
light *
30 minutes
5 to 10 minutes
* key input, games etc.
If the phone is exposed to heat the
standby time is considerably reduced. Avoid exposing the phone to
direct sunlight or placing it on a radiator.
Outside the home network
If you are outside your "home network" your phone automatically dials a different GSM network (p. 63).