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Programming a Function
Calling the Function in OB1
The call for the function FC1 is carried out in a similar way to the call for the
function block in OB1. All the parameters of the function are supplied in OB1 with
the corresponding addresses of the petrol or diesel engine.
Since these addresses are not yet defined in the symbol table, the symbolic
names of the addresses will now be added.
An address is part of a STEP 7 statement and specifies
what the processor should execute the instruction on.
Addresses can be absolute or symbolic.
The SIMATIC Manager is open with
the "Getting Started" project or your
new project.
Navigate to the Blocks folder and
open OB1.
The LAD/STL/FBD program window
Programming the Call in Ladder Logic
You are in LAD view. Select network
No. 5 and insert a new network No. 6.
Then navigate in the Program
Elements catalog until you reach FC1
and insert the function.
Insert a normally open contact in front
of "Engine_On."
Using the menu command View >
Display > Symbolic Representation,
you can toggle between symbolic and
absolute addresses.
Click the question marks for the FC1 call and insert the symbolic names.
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