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Installation and Maintenance
5.2 Installation of the modules
5.2 Installation of the modules
Installation possibilities
The OLM modules can either be mounted on a 35 mm rail according to DIN EN
50022 or a plane surface by means of a mounting plate.
Choose the assembly place so that the climatical and mechanical limit values,
given in the technical data, can be met.
Observe that there is enough space for the connection of the bus and voltage
supply lines.
Connect the fiber-optic cables before the installation of the modules. This makes it
easier to connect the fiber-optic cables.
Only install the modules on a rail or a mounting plate, which is grounded with
minimum resistivity and minimum inductivity. Beyond this, no further grounding
measures need to be taken.
Installation on a rail
Hang the upper locking hooks into the rail
and push the lower side onto the rail, as
shown in
Figure 5-4, until it interlocks audibly. To
uninstall the module, pull the locking slide
Locking slide
Figure 5-4
Installation of a module on a standard rail
Operation manual, 01/2007, A2B00065774D, Edition V1.0