Download Epson WorkForce 845 User`s guide

Text Enhancement
Sharpens the appearance of letters in text documents.
Auto Area Segmentation
Makes grayscale images clearer and text recognition more accurate by separating the text from the
Color Enhance
Enhances the red, green, or blue shades in the scanned image.
Adjusts the overall lightness and darkness of the scanned image.
Adjusts the difference between the light and dark areas of the overall scanned image.
Adjusts the level at which black areas in text and line art are delineated, improving text recognition in
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) programs.
Parent topic: Scanning in Office Mode
Scanning in Professional Mode
When you scan in Professional Mode, EPSON Scan automatically saves your scanned file in JPEG
format in your operating system's Pictures or My Pictures folder, or opens it in your scanning program.
You can select settings, preview, and change the scanned file settings as necessary.
1. Start EPSON Scan and select Professional Mode as the Mode setting.
You see this window: