Download Epson WorkForce 845 User`s guide

• Reset Fax Data Settings: Deletes the speed and group dial lists, header, and fax log
• Reset Network Settings: Resets all network settings.
• Reset All except Network & Fax Settings: Resets all control panel settings, except for network
• Reset All Settings: Resets all control panel settings.
You see a confirmation screen.
5. Select Yes to reset the selected settings. (Select No if you want to cancel the operation.)
Parent topic: Solving Problems
Solving Setup Problems
Check these sections if you have problems while setting up your product.
Noise After Ink Installation
Software Installation Problems
Control Panel Setup Problems
Parent topic: Solving Problems
Noise After Ink Installation
If you hear noises from your product after installing ink, try these solutions:
• Make sure you removed the foam and plastic protective materials from inside the product.
• The first time you install ink cartridges, the product must prime its print head. Wait until priming
finishes before you turn off the product, or it may prime improperly and use excess ink the next time
you turn it on. Your product is finished priming the print head when the power light stops flashing.
• If the product's print head stops moving or making noise, and the charging process has not finished
after 5 minutes, turn off your product. Turn it back on and check to see if charging is still in progress. If
it is still in progress, contact Epson for help.
Parent topic: Solving Setup Problems
Software Installation Problems
If you have problems while installing your product software, try these solutions:
• Make sure your product is turned on and the USB cable or network cable is securely connected at
both ends. If you still have problems installing software, disconnect the cable and carefully follow the