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Extend your
Easy to
growing season!
A Great Way to Protect the
Plants in Your Garden or Raised Bed
Imagine harvesting fresh lettuce, spinach, radishes, carrots and
other vegetables from your own garden almost any time you want.
It’s possible, if you grow your own vegetables in a cold frame.
Juwel® cold frames are weather-resistant with polycarbonate double-skin panes and sturdy aluminum frames. They are UV-resistant
and have a 10-year guarantee against yellowing of the panes.
Standard Juwel® Cold Frame 1000
2 windows, each with 2 adjustable windproof ventilators. 4.3 mm
thick. 39.37inL x 35.43inW x 15.74inH. Ship wt 11 lb.
JWSCF Standard Cold Frame $153.49
Automatic ventilator prevents
overheating while letting in
fresh air to help plants thrive.
Oversized Juwel® Cold Frame 1500
Gives you 66% more space than our standard cold frame plus
the panes are almost TWICE as thick to keep plants warmer.
3 windows, 2 adjustable windproof ventilators per window, 8 mm
thick. Dimensions: 59inL x 31.5inW x 19.68inH. Now includes one
automatic ventilator! Ship wt 25 lb.
JWBIO Oversized Cold Frame $399.99
Add-On Unit for JWBIO
Adds over 3 feet with 2 windows and 2 windproof ventilators per
window. Add-on dimensions: 39.37inL x 31.5inW x 19.68inH.
(Not pictured.) Ship wt 14.5 lb.
JBBA Add-on Unit$201.99
"My husband and I were thrilled to set this cold Add a Ventilator to Your Cold Frame and You
frame up. It is made of quality materials and goes together preWon’t Worry About "Burning" Your Tender Plants!
cisely as made...nothing is cheap about it, great manufacturing.
Maintain your plants’ optimal temperature automatically! In warm
I already have lettuce and cabbage growing madly and I've only
weather it opens the window automatically and closes it again as
had it 3 weeks. I plan on using it all winter."
soon as it turns cold. 12 lb. weight lifting capacity. Ship wt 1 lb.
– Becky A.,ME
More frost protection starting on page 32.
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Clean up the mess in minutes, not hours!
Customer Favorite – Over 45 5-star Reviews!
Roll it to Quickly Gather Nuts and Fruits
—So Easy to Use!
Reduce hours of back-breaking work with this handy gadget. Just roll the Pickup Wizard over nuts, fruits or other
objects lying on the ground, and the spring-wire head traps
them inside the wire cage. To empty, attach the included
Dumper to a bucket or pail, place Pickup Wizard over the
Dumper and turn, conveniently dumping the
contents of the wire cage into the bucket.
Dumper now included!
Small Pickup Wizard—Designed for
picking up hickory nuts, acorns, hazelnuts,
and even golfballs!
NW12 Ship wt 3.5 lb. $51.99
Large Pickup Wizard—Sized for
larger items such as walnuts in their
husk, apples, lemons, etc.
NWW Ship wt 3.5 lb. $59.99
Attach the included dumper to
a bucket for easy emptying!
WWWWW "It saves time like you wouldn't believe! I use
NW12 sized for
picking up tree
nuts, acorns
and hazelnuts.
Use the NWW
for larger fruits
such as apples
and lemons.
it just before I mow. My yard is full of walnut and hickory trees.
Saves a lot of back bending and strain as well. One of the best
purchases I've made." – Tom S., OH
Nut Wizards are good for picking up all sorts of things!
Use NW12
Use NW12
Use NW12
www ww
"I have actually purchased both sizes, large
one for black walnuts and the small one for acorns. Both sizes
work great. Two years ago we picked up over 4,000 black walnuts by hand, what a back breaker. Last year we just walked
around the yard rolling the nut wizard over the walnut and in it
went. It's easy to empty the basket when it's full too. I've shown
it to some friends and they too have purchased the larger nut
wizard." – Louie J., MO
More fall cleanup items
starting on page 10.
"I won't have time to shop for groceries
tomorrow, I'll be out in the yard all day raking leaves and
picking up acorns so I can put the lawn to bed for the winter," I said. "I bought a Nut Wizard, remember," she replied?
Skeptically, I rolled the new contraption out to the yard and
within seconds, I'd scooped up a quart of acorns as effortlessly as if I were walking the dog! I filled a 5-gallon stainless
steel bucket to the brim with acorns in less than an hour; true
story. This simple machine didn't malfunction a single time
and I never bent at the waist until I had to move that heavy
bucket full of acorns to the bonfire pit! The only downside
was that I had to shop for groceries!" – Ken - Suburban Yard
Warrior, MN
888.556.5676 /
| 5
Bloomers Edge Bulbs
ers Edg
Cool Blue
Our own Bloomers Edge bulbs have
been handpicked by growers for their
reliable blooming habit. Tulips, crocus,
hyacinths, daffodils and 2 collections
called "whimsical" and "cool blue" are
part of Bloomers Edge. The Bloomers
Edge line also includes the Muscari
Plumosum, which is native to the Mediterranean but grows well in the USA. It
has feathery, tassel-like flowers that are
tightly packed on an upright spike.
Have Beautiful spring color by planting
bulbs now. The best time to plant spring
flowering bulbs is anytime before the
ground freezes going into Winter. Give
your landscape small bursts of fun color
well before your other flowers are even
thinking of blooming. Ship wt .5 lb.
A. Cool Blue Collection
– Includes 46 Bulbs!
A cool theme for your spring garden.
Various shades of blue make up this
collection of flowers which will bloom
early to mid-spring. Includes: 15 Crocus, 16 Grape Hyacinths, 5 Dutch Iris,
10 Striped Quill.
B. Mixed Tulips – Varied heights of this
tulip mix create staggered clusters for pops
of spring color. You can even use them as
cut flowers for vases in your home. Plant
them once and they will come up year after
BEMTU10 10 bulbs.
$11.49 C
C. Mixed Daffodils – The easiest of all
flowers to grow and most dependable. They
multiply with ease and keep the deer away!
These daffodils will grow well in shaded
areas. Cut flowers will last longer than
BEMD10 10 bulbs.
D. Muscari Plumosum – These purple
spiked flowers contrast nicely in front of
taller yellow daffodils. Best when planted in
groups and mixed among perennial plants
for color until the other plants have time to
BEMUP10 10 bulbs.
E. Drumstick Allium – Great along
borders of perennial beds. Drumstick
Allium are good for sprouts of color among
rose shrubs before the roses bloom. They
are deer resistant and also make great cut
10 bulbs.
50 Bulbs!
F. Mixed Crocus – First to
blossom in spring and the most
popular bulb normally blooming in late winter. When it is
time to begin mowing your
yard, simply mow over the
crocus and they will come back
again next year. 10 bulbs.
BEMC10 10 bulbs. $7.49
G. Mixed Hyacinths –
Intense color and very fragrant
spring flowers. A prized possession in the bulb world. They
can easily be forced into bloom
when planted in pots and grown
indoors. Great in full sun or
partial shade.
BEMH10 10 bulbs. $16.49 H. Mixed Grape Hyacinths
– Best if planted in groups of
10 to get the full effect of color.
Very little to no fertilization
needed and they will come back
year after year. They are midspring bloomers and carry some
color throughout the summer.
BEMGH10 10 bulbs. $9.49
I. Whimsical Collection
– Includes 50 Bulbs!
Early through mid-spring bloom
times for constant, vibrant
spring color. This fun mix of
bulbs includes: 15 Whitewell
Purple Crocus, 15 Striped
Squill, 15 Glory of Snow, 5
Dwarf Iris Reticulata.
Plant hundreds of flower bulbs in hours rather than days.
Use Your Drill
for Quick, Easy
Bulb Planting
The revolutionary premium
stainless steel design essentially pulls the grass and soil out
in a “core sample” type plug that
you can drop right back to cover the
hole. Ideal for planting flower bulbs
in your garden or naturalizing them
in your lawn. For use with a 3.0 amp or
larger corded drill with a 3/8in or larger
chuck. Creates a 2in diameter planting hole.
Drill two holes side by side for larger bulb. Full
2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Also works well
for transplanting, planting seedlings, grass plugs,
and fertilizer spikes.
Ship wt 1 lb.
Bulb Bopper®$31.99
In seconds, the Bopper carves a hole
for tulip, daffodil, or hyacinth bulbs.
ww ww w
"Wow! Absolutely perfect! This is by far the best bulb planter I have ever used. No tired arms, no backache,
and no headache. I planted 400 bulbs in one afternoon. I will send pictures of the planting bed when it blooms. Bulbs for all
4 seasons, 4 pictures. Way to go. I love this catalog." – Sandy, mail lady, with a very big yard, IN
Choose from
2, 4 or 6" bulb
depth. You have
the capability to
plant any bulb!
2" plugs
4" plugs
Plant and Cover Bulbs Without Stress to Your Back
Plant bulbs and cover them with soil
using one easy tool. Just step on the
footpads to drive the planter into the
ground. Once you have placed the
bulb, use the plunger to cover the
bulb and move on to the next one.
Makes holes that are 6in deep with
a 2-3/4in diameter. Measures a comfortable height of 36in overall. Forget
the flimsy bulb planters that just
don’t last, this planter is made from
durable steel that will last a lifetime!
Ship wt 4.5 lb.
BP3 Bulb Planter $34.99
6" plugs
Pro Plugger is 5 tools in 1!
No more aching back and sore joints from bending over to dig your planting
holes. Whether you're planting bulbs, your favorite annuals or planting ground
cover like liriope, mondo grass, English Ivy or creeping thyme, you've found the
right garden tool. The new ProPlugger even makes a great soil sampler tool. In
just moments you can create a hole, plant bulbs/flowers, and fertilize without
having to bend over! A year round landscapeing tool that won't gather dust in the
shed. Made in the USA.
PPXL51 Pro Plugger 5-in-1
888.556.5676 /
| 7
Lithium battery powered tools
run 50% longer than NiCad:
plenty of time to finish the job!
See all our cordless
tools in action at!
Safely Make Those High Cuts,
No Ladder Required
Easy Mobility That Trims Down Your Work Time
Trim those hard to reach branches with this lightweight
lithium powered pole saw. Lightweight fiberglass adjustable
length, telescoping shaft with a 9-foot fully extended length
allows you to reach higher branches. The 3-position head
with reliable 10-inch Oregon chain and bar adjusts to three
angles: straight, 15, and 30 degrees. Automatic bar and
chain lubricant and automatic tension adjustments. 18 Volt,
1.5 AH lithium battery included, 30 minute average runtime.
Ship wt 14 lb.
EWLPS Earthwise Lithium Pole Saw$209.99
Experience easy movement without the hassle and dangers of dragging
an extension cord up ladders and across other bushes. You’ll get a
precise cut with its 3,000 strokes per minute speed. Semi-transparent
guard allows you to see while providing protection. Protective blade
cover for safe storage. 18 Volt, 1.5 AH lithium battery included. Ship
wt 10.5 lb.
EWLHT 22” Earthwise Lithium Hedge Trimmer $159.99
to 9 feet.
No fumes or gas! 3,000
strokes per minute gives
you a nice, clean cut.
Head adjusts
to 3 angles.
" Lightweight, cuts good, battery
charge lasts." – W.R. SLayer, ND
Did you know?
Lithium battery powered tools offer the
same cordless convenience of our NiCad
battery-operated tools plus much more!
Add a Spare Battery and Work
While the Other One Charges
EWLB15 18 Volt, 1.5 AH Lithium
Battery for all tools on this page;
Ship wt 1.5 lb.
• Quick 1-hour charge provides you with more
charge/discharge cycles in a shorter time frame.
• 50% longer run time over NiCad batteries.
• Fade-free performance! Lithium batteries discharge
consistently without power fade. You’ll have the same
power when you start working until the battery fully
discharges, unlike NiCad batteries whose charge fades
through use.
• Lighter weight provides greater comfort over longer periods of use.
Blow Leaves Off Without That Annoying Cord!
Clean off the porch or blow leaves off your driveway. Battery
operation makes this tool convenient. No searching for outlets,
tripping over cords or being limited by the length of your power
cord. Powerful at 140 mph wind speed yet lightweight. 18 Volt,
1.5 AH lithium battery included, 30 minute average run time. Ship
wt 8.5 lb.
EWLBLW 22” Earthwise Lithium Blower
A Handy Chain Saw for Around-the-Yard Cleanup
You won’t find a better cordless chain saw for quick clean ups.
Engineered to be easy to use with an automatic oiler system for
the chain and motor, plus a quick view oil level window so you can
monitor exactly how much oil you have. 18 Volt, 1.5 AH lithium
battery included, 30 minute average runtime. Ship wt 10 lb.
EWLCS Earthwise Lithium Chain Saw
Cordless means:
No cords to
accidently cut
or trip you up.
" I bought this saw last fall and have used it
to cut some good material (up to the full length of the blade).
I've been amazed with both the torque of the motor and the
performance of the battery. As claimed in the ads, the battery
maintains very constant output until it reaches the point of
exhaustion and then recharges quickly. The oiler has also
worked well. I had previously purchased a cordless saw with a
NiCad and was not happy with its performance. I bought the
new saw because of the Li battery and the hope it would be
able to meet my needs. It has exceeded my expectations."
– David W., NC
888.556.5676 /
| 9
Fertilize this fall for a beautiful spring lawn!
FREE Hopper
Cover Included!
A $24.95 value!
Keeps material dry and
free flowing for best
application results.
Gives precise start of material flow
with a slide of the thumb lever.
WWWWW "... first time that
I got to use it and I found it VERY
nice to use. The metering dial was
easy to set and it worked very
nice. It metered out and applied
everything just right. Best spreader
I ever used!" – Todd S., ND
Hopper Capacity:
• 50 lb icemelt
• 40 lb fertilizer
Injection molded main
frame delivers high
strength and provides
optimum rust and
corrosion resistance.
Basic but Tough, Our 50 lb Spreader is Probably
the Last One You'll Need for Your Home Yard!
Corrosion-resistant frame lasts for years, equally good for spring time
fertilizers as well as winter salt treatments. Features a single port
hopper made from strong polyethylene with agitation wire at base for
complete dispersion of materials. The dial style rate setting is easy to
adjust and provides accurate, reliable control of material. User manual
includes cross reference to other common brand spreader settings.
6’-10’ spread width. 10” diameter pneumatic tires. The Nylatron "self
lubricating" gears operate smoothly and are low maintenance. Hopper
cover included. Assembly required. Ship wt 16 lb.
Leonard Spreader 50 lb$124.99
Ultra-Light Spreader is
Easy to Carry and Operate
This ergonomic, easy-to-hold hand crank
spreader is ideal for small yards or touch
up jobs. The 1.8 liter poly hopper has an
110 cubic inch capacity and a convenient
scoop shape for easy filling. Other
features include a trigger on/off grip,
adjustable flow setting and an enclosed
gear box. High RPM ensures smooth
wide broadcast spreading. Ship wt 1 lb.
Self Lubricating
Gears in an Easy
Access Box
This convenient over-the-shoulder
hand crank spreader has a unique
oscillation shut off plate that
prevents clumping and aids in flow
control. Nylon bag with zippered
top resists corrosion from fertilizers. Features convenient spring
action flow setting and an enclosed
gear box. High RPM ensures
smooth wide broadcast spreading.
20 lb capacity. Ship wt 4 lb.
E27 Spreader $45.29
Easy-Fill Spreader/Seeder
is Great for Small Jobs
10" Pneumatic
build a
Luscious Lawn
9-0-0 Natural
Corn Gluten Meal
Corn gluten meal is a slow–releasing, nitrogen rich
fertilizer with amino acids and minerals for greener
turf. Excellent on flower beds and vegetable gardens.
Apply this granulated formula Spring and Fall at 20 lb
per 1,000 sq ft. Not for pets or people who have corn
allergies. Otherwise, spread on your lawn and play right
away! Ship wt 40 lb.
CG40 40 lb Bag
More fertilizers
Cordless Convenience in a 3-in-1
Versatile Multi-Tool! Shape Bushes,
Trim Grass and Edge!
"This tool makes a nice and neat
clipped edge. It's lightweight, yet
seems quite sturdy. The adjustable
handle is great, because we are
tall. We can use it without bending
over or kneeling." – Laurel, NC
Maintaining a picture-perfect landscape will take less
effort when you enlist this multi-tool. The Earthwise
Shrub and Shear has a 7.5in shrub blade that is just
right for trimming and shaping shrubs, bushes and
hedges. It also has a 3-3/4in grass shear blade ideal for
trimming the edges of lawns and small hard to reach
areas of grass. Use as a handheld trimmer, or for added
convenience, snap on the telescopic handle to eliminate
the need to bend over or kneel. The 5-position rotating
cutting head allows you to adjust the head angle for the
best cut. You’ll love the convenience of the quick
no-tool blade changing, switch blades right on the
spot. 7.2V lithium ion battery with 45 minutes of
runtime for fade-free performance. Ship wt 5 lb.
EWPSS Cordless Shrub and Shear $78.25
Head rotates a full 90˚,
for a crisp, clean trim.
So easy to use!
No tools
needed to
change blades!
Choose from 5 finishes for blending into landscape.
Precision Edging
with No Bending!
Bahco makes top quality professional
lawn shears with your choice of horizontal
or vertical cutting action. Xylan-coated,
anti-rust blades are ideal for cutting around
trees, borders, edges, etc. Self-adjusting
pivot bolt. 5 year guarantee. Wt 5 lb.
Permaloc Edging: Give Your Lawn Sharp,
Clean Lines and Make it Easier to Mow!
Vertical Edging Shear
7.5in blades, overall length 37in.
P75 Ship wt 4 lb. $72.99
Horizontal Lawn Shear
8in blades, overall length 44in.
P74 Ship wt 4.5 lb. $77.99
We’ve got the easy, hassle-free solution for establishing a crisp
edge for landscape beds or pavers! Each 8ft x 4in x 1/8in section
has 3 stakes and 3 pockets. Ship wt 3 lb. #PBA8 ship wt of 3.5 lb.
6 Mill Finish Sections$128.99
6 Black Anodized Sections$155.99
PBDF8 6 Black Duraflex Sections$143.99
PBR8 6 Bronze Duraflex Sections$140.99
6 Green Duraflex Sections$143.99
888.556.5676 / | 11
Gather up all your yard trimmings and debris...
A Quick Pop, and You’re Ready to Clean Up
Fiskars® Kangaroo Bags have a unique pop-up design that not only
makes them easy to set up, but also holds itself open while you use your
hands to gather and load leaves, trimmings or weeds. Sturdy handles
offer comfort and easy unloading of contents. And when you’re done
simply collapse for compact storage. Durable vinyl-coated polyester
construction is resistant to mildew and UV effects. Lifetime warranty.
Leaf Claws
30-Gallon Hard Bottom—HardShell® base won't tear when
dragged over rough terrain. Drain holes prevent water from pooling.
Large capacity is 3 feet tall x 22-inch diameter, folds to 3.5 inches
for storage.
9413 Large Kangaroo Bag; Ship wt 7.5 lb. $31.99
Buy 3 or more, only $27.99 each!
10-Gallon Portable Design—Lightweight and convenient, this
smaller size is 18 inches tall x 16-inch diameter, folds to 3 inches
for storage.
9404 Small Kangaroo Bag; S
hip wt 2 lb.
Buy 3 or more, o
nly $12.99 each!
Rake and Bag Leaves in
HALF the TIME! Pick Up
10 Times More Leaves than
You Can by Hand!
30 Gallon
Kangaroo Bag
It’s like having two rakes attached to your
hands. The large, oversize claws will
pick up more leaves than a person ever
could by hand. Not only do they allow
you to grab a huge pile of leaves in
one go, the rake head makes it easy
to gather up those stray leaves at the
bottom of the pile that frustrate all
of us. The Leaf Claws have serious
grabbing power and will reduce
your leaf bagging time by 50% or more!
Use for leaves, grass clippings, twigs, sticks,
pine straw, pine cones, hedge clippings, and other yard
debris. Ship wt 2 lb.
LC101 Pair of Leaf Claws$19.99
Buy 3 or more pairs, only $17.95 each!
Fold up to
store flat.
Simply rake leaves
or grass onto the
Leaf Loader.
to easily
Just Rake and Compress in One Easy Step—Without all the
Bending, Dragging and Scooping!
The Leaf Loader™ eliminates time wasted raking piles and picking them up. Cut
your yard cleanup time in half! Eliminates the need for heavy tarps to haul across
the lawn. Use it for quick cleaning of your gutters too. Easily adjusts to fit most
any can, bag or bin. Holds unwieldy bags open while you funnel the leaves into it.
Includes quick-grip handle and adjustable strap for easy handling and carrying.
Durable waterproof material has a reinforced frame. Folds up flat in seconds for
easy storage. Made in the USA. Ship wt 3 lb.
LL Leaf Loader™
then shred it, sift it and add it to the compost pile
Patented top hopper
design for convenient
loading of materials
Recycle leaves and
grass clippings to enrich
your garden's soil!
3 cycles for
& chipping
2 hardened steel
blades handle
branches up to
1-3/8in diameter.
Wow, it's Almost Magic! Convert 11 Bags of Leaves
Down to 1 Bag—Then Mulch or Compost it!
With this portable leaf mulcher, you can reduce 11 bags of leaves
down to 1 single bag of soil-enriching mulch for composting or use
as valuable organic nutrients for your garden. It’s simple and fast!
Lightweight, 17lb. shredder with built-in carrying handles moves
easily around your yard. Powered by a tough, quiet, 8-amp peak,
electric motor with a cutting action similar to a string trimmer.
Chops leaves (wet or dry), pine needles, even grass clippings into a
valuable soil amendment. For replacement line, purchase .080 line.
Ship wt 21.5 lb.
LES Leaf Eater Plus Shredder $219.99
1-2-3: Shreds Branches
for Quick Composting
Heavy duty leaf and branch chipper turns yard waste into valuable
mulch with its powerful 2.5 horsepower, 14-amp electric chipper/
shredder. You'll quickly turn small branches (up to 1-3/8in diameter)
and leaves into valuable mulch for your garden. Creates fine particles
that are ideal for quick composting. Compact design for easy storage.
All steel construction except intake hopper and exhaust chute; has
the largest motor in its class. No overweight shipping charge!
Electric Chipper/Shredder; Ship wt 75 lb. $319.95
Screen Fine, Nutritious
Compost and Topsoil at Home
Screening aerates your compost and removes any
lumps of material that are not “done,” while sifted
compost feeds your plants as it dresses up your beds
with its beautiful texture. A 22-inch square tray, it's
the perfect size to screen material right into your
wheelbarrow. Plus it also shakes dirt from bulbs
and roots—much easier and faster than doing it by
hand. Deep 4in sidewalls let you really load it up
without spills. Galvanized mesh has 1/2-inch square
openings. Made in the USA. Ship wt 1 lb.
S22 Wheelbarrow Sifter $49.99
"Our garden soil had become just
a bit too rocky. We used your sifter to separate the
rocks from the good soil. It worked beautifully. Your
product was of exceptionally good quality and we
expect to use it for years to come." – Joan, NY
You can easily shake
excess dirt from bulbs
and remove pebbles and
debris for even topsoil!
888.556.5676 /
| 13
Strength, durability and
the right handle are the
key to a long-lasting rake!
Left and right
tines are actually formed as
one continuous
tine, each set like
an inverted “V”
that runs from
one side to the
other to create a
durable design.
Wood Handle
Full 1in diameter hardwood
handle offers over 10%
more handle mass than
the average rake handle.
That means: Less breaks
and better grip.
Leonard Metal Spring Rakes
We’ve taken our top quality metal spring rake to the next level.
Continuous tine construction and heavy-duty reinforced spring
heads are now available with durable Tuff-Flex™ composite handles.
Tuff-Flex™ handles have a strong fiberglass core and a smooth poly
jacket. 54” long, 1” diameter handles give you added reach, with a
slightly textured and widened grip for comfort. Lifetime Warranty.
Ship wt 3 lb.
54” Wooden Handle
18” wide, 18 tine
54” Wooden Handle
24” wide, 24 tine
54” Tuff-Flex™ Composite
Handle 18” wide, 18 tine
54” Tuff-Flex™ Composite
Handle 24” wide, 24 tine
Leonard Metal Spring Rakes with Fiberglass Handles
Newer fiberglass (Tuff-Strong™) handle option. These fiberglass
handles features an AML orange resin veil to prevent splintering and
provide the highest strength with the least amount of weight. 54” long,
1” diameter handle. Lifetime Warranty. Ship wt 3 lb
54” Tuff-Strong™ Handle
18” wide, 18 tine
54” Tuff-Strong™ Handle
24” wide, 24 tine
W W W W W “This rake is tops for me. I have
the composite handle and two wooden handle
versions. The metal head on this rake has far
outlasted the other brands I have tried. Worth the
price.” – Rich, PA
Perfectly Sized for Any Task
From big jobs like raking a yard full of
leaves to delicate situations like freshening
up mulch in the garden, this lightweight,
1.5 lb. rake does it all! The patented head
design easily adjusts from 7in for tight
work in small areas to 21in for clearing an
entire yard. Not only does the size of the
rake head adjust, the handle extends from
35 to 69 inches so you get just the right
leverage for the job. Lifetime warranty.
Ship wt 2.5 lb.
M1550 Yard Rake $14.99
Buy 4 or more, only $12.95 each!
Nifty handle adjusts
to 7in for tight
spaces, or expands
to 21in for greater
coverage with each
Have the
kids help too!
Get Kids Involved in Outdoor
Fun & Create Long-Lasting Memories!
Forget those cheap, flimsy toy-like gardening tools you can find at
the local big box store. These real gardening tools are sized just
right for your little helpers, and made with the same high quality
components as adult-sized tools. They're tough enough that you
might even find yourself borrowing the kids' tools for working in a
raised bed or in tight spaces. Kids will enjoy learning how to take
care of the lawn and garden without the frustration of trying to use
tools that are too big for them to properly handle. Get them started
on the path to becoming great gardeners, and leave them with fun
memories of working alongside their parents or grandparents in the
garden! Set includes: leaf rake, garden rake, round point shovel,
and garden hoe. Ship wt 5.8 lb.
KLHGT Kids Long-Handled Garden Tool Set $39.99
Lawn Baggs are an
excellent tool for any
size yard task!
Durable for Years of Cleanup! Choose Your Size...
Free-standing Lawn Baggs are easy to fill with grass clippings,
leaves, branches and more. Tough enough to haul or store just about
anything. Makes a great home for basketballs and oversized toys in
the garage. Woven polypropylene resists tears and punctures and
folds for easy storage. In 6 convenient sizes. New style available!
#LB22DB has a double-layered bottom for extra durability.
2 cu. feet—18in diameter x 12inH, 15 gallon
Ship wt .5 lb.$23.49
Use your Lawn
Bagg for anything!
5 cu. feet—22in diameter x 22inH, 37 gallon
Ship wt 2 lb.
10 cu. feet—24inL x 24inW x 30inH, 75 gallon
Ship wt 4 lb.$35.49
18 cu. feet—30inL x 30inW x 35inH, 135 gallon
Ship wt 4 lb.$43.49
21 cu. feet—32.5inL x 32.5inW x 35inH,
LB22DB Ship wt 4 lb.$49.99
27 cu. feet—34inL x 34inW x 40inH, 202 gallon
Ship wt 4 lb.$46.99
WWW WW “This is an excellent bag and with over an acre of lawn to take
care of, this bag has already come in very useful! I bought it for my husband after
we saw a neighbor pulling one to his tree line to dump his leaves. My husband can't
wait to use it for the leaves in the fall! The material is very tough (good for if there
are twigs) and it is also nice and light so you can pull it around your yard. I am very
pleased with the purchase." – Jen, NJ
All purpose utility
cover, tear resistant,
weather resistant.
corners with
heavy duty
every 18".
Hooks to the grommets
of any tarp giving you
the optimum grip for
heavy hauling.
Leonard Add-A-Grip Puller
These 15" straps with heavy duty half twist snaps are great when
you need to get an extra grip or a handle on things. Snap them
onto the eyelets of tarps and make hauling easier. The 1" wide
nylon webbing have heat-sealed ends to prevent fraying. All straps
are double box-stitched for added strength. Bright orange in color
so you won't lose them. Set of two straps.
A Tough, All-Purpose Utility
Tarp—Available in 6 Sizes
4.5 oz polyethylene construction for toughness, tear-resistance and
dependability. Brass-plated steel grommets every 3 feet with rope
sewn into hem. Heavy 9-10 mil thickness. Great for cleanup, mulch,
storage, weather protection and more. Forest green in color.
6 feet x 8 feet
Ship wt .5 lb
PT810 8 feet x10 feet
Ship wt 2 lb
PT912 9 feet x 12 feet
Ship wt 3 lb $17.99
PT124 12 feet x 14 feet
Ship wt 5 lb $26.49
PT122 12 feet x 22 feet
Ship wt 8 lb $40.49
PT162 16 feet x 20 feet
Ship wt 10 lb $49.99
888.556.5676 /
| 15
When it's time to gather the fruits of your labor...
Hundreds of Uses: Here's a Few
W W W W W "I bought this to use at harMGH-JR
vest. Love that I can spray the vegetables
with a hose to remove the dirt before it is
brought into the house." – Amy, PA
A Longtime Favorite, Now in 2 Sizes! New Garden Hod Junior is
Sized Just Right for Smaller Loads or for Your Little Helpers
In olden times, these hods were used for carrying everything—from bricks to laundry!
Styled after a traditional clam hod, this version is built to last from quality hard and soft
woods and durable vinyl-covered mesh. Harvest and wash plants, fruits and vegetables
(especially carrots and potatoes!), or discover one of the hundreds of other uses that the
hod lends itself to inside and out any time of the year. Constructed with 3/4-inch thick
pine sides and birch side rods, it also has a sturdy, food grade PVC-coated wire body,
and a steam bent handle for a handsome look.
MGH Original Garden Hod: 19"L x 11"W x 11"H, holds 15 quarts (.45 bushel)
$44.99 Buy 3 or more, only $39.99
MGH-JR NEW! Garden Hod Junior: 16"L x 9"W x 7"H, holds 8 quarts (1 peck)
$38.99 Buy 3 or more, only $33.99
Put Any Fruit at Arm’s Reach
It’s like an extension of your hand. This
fruit picker makes it easy to reach fruit.
12 ft. telescoping aluminum pole with
sturdy metal picking basket. Poly–coated picking prongs prevent fruit damage.
Weighs less than 2.5 lb. Ship wt 2.5 lb.
245FH Fruit Harvester $63.99
w w w ww “Used it this fall to
harvest apples from upper branches
in our orchard. The telescoping pole/
handle operates smoothly and easily.
I really like the way I can gather several
apples in the basket and rather than
bringing the basket down, hand over
hand along the pole, I just relax my
hands and let the pole slide through
my hands until I can reach the basket.”
– Frank, WY
This walking
aid measures
plant height,
garden row
mulch depth
and more!
An Invaluable Garden Tool
and Sturdy Walking Aid
This one-of-a-kind, handcrafted gardener's
walking stick is both attractive and built-tolast. Each stick is fashioned from oak or ash,
making it strong and highly durable, then
stained a beautiful tan. Finally, every stick
is sprayed with a protective clear lacquer,
resulting in a smooth finish that highlights
the wood's genuine beauty. Strong metal tip
provides a firm, secure grip while walking
and is also ideal for marking plant locations
in the garden or flower bed. A 36-inch ruler
is printed on the side to measure out garden
rows, mulch depth, plant height, or even the
amount of snowfall in the winter. 52-inches
overall. Made in the USA. Ship wt 1.5 lb.
GRWST Gardener's Walking Stick$49.99
So versatile,
each Tubtrug
can do so much!
"Quickly becoming one of my most versatile
gardening tools. I use it for everything; moving mulch, soaking bareroot roses, hauling tools, carrying weeds to the compost pile, even
holding Koi while cleaning the fish pond. Being an avid hunter and
fisherman I just wish it came in olive drab, I would take it to the woods!"
– Gardening Supervisor, MO
Put These Tough Containers to
Work Indoors and Outside!
Tubtrugs are truly amazing in the number of
ways they can be used. Durable construction
is tough enough to carry a load of bricks,
yet pliable enough to bend and pour liquids.
TUB3 3.5-gallon, blue; Ship wt 1 lb.
TUB7 7-gallon, orange; Ship wt 2 lb. $15.99
TUB5 11-gallon, yellow; Ship wt 2.5 lb. $18.99
TUB20 20-gallon, red; Ship wt 5 lb.
59 95
TRUG4 – Tubtrug set of 4
Ship wt. 10 lb.
Find more harvesting
tools and accessories
Easily Weigh Your
Fruits and Vegetables
Have bragging rights among your
friends and know exactly how much
your garden produced. Use this scale
to weigh food for cooking or even to
assist you when selling your produce.
With the handy hook, weights of up to
56 pounds (25 Kg). Ship wt 1 lb.
W2033 Spring Scale 8.99
Buy 3 or more,
only $7.29 each!
W W W W W "The Pot Lifter is
AWESOME!!! It makes it so much
more easy to move my huge pots."
– J. Vogel, MD
Carry Heavy Loads Easily
When You Share the Burden
The Potlifter provides an easy, back-saving
way to move heavy or awkward items. Use
to move large flowerpots, tree root balls, hay
bales, landscaping stones, firewood, bags
of cement, mulch, feed, etc. (up to 200 lb.).
Holds items from 9 to 26 inches in diameter,
OR up to a 7 foot circumference. Lifetime
manufacturer's warranty. Ship wt 1.5 lb.
PLIFT Potlifter$29.99
888.556.5676 /
| 17
Pruners that will
last a lifetime
The Original
Professional Pruners!
A favorite of our customers and
professionals worldwide, and
for good reason. The precisionground forged cutting blade is
razor-sharp and cuts through
any kind of wood with ease.
With proper care they will last
and last! Pruners also feature a
sap groove and soft wire cutter.
The handles are easy to grip
and have rubber shock absorbers for less hand fatigue. 8.5in
overall. Ship wt 1 lb.
2FEL Felco 2®
Pruners $52.99
Buy 3 or more, only
$49.99 each!
If It's Got an Edge…
the Work Sharp Will Sharpen It!
Knife makers use abrasive belts to get a razor sharp edge on their
blades—now you can too! Innovative belt design flexes to any blade
shape creating a strong, razor sharp, edge. Comes complete with
everything you need to sharpen and hone all your cutting edges.
Great for sharpening all common blades like knives, scissors, axes
and hatchets, mower blades, garden shears, and shovels. PLUS, this
sharpener is able to sharpen those hard to sharpen blades such as
curved knives, serrated knives, gut hooks, etc. No more secondguessing! Includes 2 bevel guides ranging from 20º to 65º. Guides
ensure consistent and accurate blade sharpening every time. Includes
instructional DVD and user's guide! Plus 40˚ kitchen knife guide and
50˚ outdoor knife guide for serrated knives and sharpening scissors.
Made in the USA.
Work Sharp Sharpener; Ship wt 2.5 lb. $77.99
WSSA2012 Replacement Belts Kit (80, 220, 600 grits);
Ship wt .5 lb.
Lightweight to
reduce arm fatigue.
Unique pivot link
creates additional
leverage, reducing
amount of strength
heat–treated blade
offers durable, clean
cutting performance.
Length telescopes Simply pull back on
up to 14ft 4in to
the sliding grip for
reach high branches.
smooth cuts.
Head adjusts for
precise trimming at
almost any angle.
Trim Tall Overhanging Branches with
the Telescoping Long-Reach Pruners
No ladder needed and you can trim up to 18 feet high! Large 1-3/8in
cutting capacity. Telescopic length from 7'8" to 14'4". Internal pulleys that reduce effort. Adjustable head for angled cuts. Lightweight
to fight fatigue (3.9 lbs.). Durable-designed for longevity. Sharpcoated blades fight rust and sap and reduce friction. Cuts easily with
a sliding hand grip. Ship wt 4 lb.
726 Sniper Telescoping L
ong-Reach Pruners $245.99
Our Pro Compound Lopper
Puts More Power in Every Cut,
up to 2 Inch Branches!
Professional compound lopper utilizes a
unique pivot link, creating additional leverage for easier cutting of large limbs. High–
carbon, heat–treated cutting blade offers
durable, clean cutting performance and is
replaceable. Lopper equipped with strong
tubular aluminum handles and comfort–
molded grips. Maximum cutting capacity
is 2-1/8in, overall length is 31.5in. Lifetime
Warranty. Ship wt 3.5 lb.
C808 A.M. Leonard Compound L
Great value AND backed by our lifetime warranty!
Tension adjusts to
your cutting style.
Anvil blade is
riveted for
extra strength.
WWWWW "Great pruner for the cost. Good
smooth cut and very sharp blades With over thirty
years experience in the green industry I can highly
recommend the AML hand pruner."
– Larry, WV
Solid forged
handles with
anti-slip grips.
blades resist
rust, corrosion
and sap.
Spring action for
smooth steady cuts.
Tested Head-to-Head with Two Big-Name
Pruners, Popular Mechanics Magazine
Declared the 1286 “Best All-Around Performer”
We think you’ll like them too. The smooth cutting action of the
carbon steel blades gives you clean cuts that heal quickly. Designed for
all–around use, the chrome plated blades resist rust, corrosion, and sap
for easy cleaning and keep a keen edge. Anvil blade is riveted to the
forged aluminum handles for extra strength. Pivot locking mechanism.
Vinyl coated handles. 8.5in overall length, wt 10 oz. 1-inch cutting
capacity. Lifetime warranty. Ship wt 1 lb.
1286 Bypass Pruners $31.99
SCA8 Pruner Sheath $9.99
1286COM Buy both and save, only $39.99!
39 99
1286COM – Bypass Pruner
& Sheath Combo
Ship wt. 2 lb.
Push-button locks
blade in open and
closed position.
Aggressive tri-edge
7 point tooth pattern
for fast cutting.
Curved Japanese steel
blade is chrome plated
for rust resistance.
Tough highimpact handle
Keep It by Your Side When You Prune or Harvest!
The Gardener's Hollow Leg is a fabric sack attached to a belt that
is worn while you are working in and around the garden. It is ideal
for light pruning, deadheading, weeding, clearing gutters and harvesting fruits and vegetables. Attach a pruning holster to the belt
and your hands will always be free, plus there is a pocket for your
cell phone. Its hands-free, "go with you" design means you will
get more done safely. Featured in August 2012 Better Homes
& Gardens. Holds over 5 gallons for larger cleanup jobs. Belt
expands from 30"-52". Ship wt 1 lb.
TGHL The Original Gardener's Hollow Leg$34.99
TGHLJRThe Gardener's Hollow Leg Jr.
Belt expands from 25"-52", holds 1 gallon.
Folds away neatly
for safe storage!
Leonard Tri-Edge Folding Saw
7” blade length designed with slight curve and 7 point teeth for
versatile pruning. Blade finished with hard-chrome plating for rust
resistance. High impact handle material is strong, resisting breakage.
Rubberized handle provides added grip and comfort. Dual action
latch locks blade in open or closed position. Lifetime warranty.
A700 Leonard Folding Saw; Ship wt .5 lb.
700XB Replacement Blade; Ship wt .5 lb.
888.556.5676 /
| 19
Garden Markers
Sometimes the best thing you can do is
just laugh at your garden misfortunes.
Entertain your friends, family and yourself with these humorous garden markers.
These weatherproof stoneware markers
can be left outside year 'round and will
not fade or crack. 4" x 3-1/2" plaques can
hang from the green hanger provided, or
you can hang them on a wall with ribbon
or twine.
PLAQDR Don't Remember $10.99
PLAQGRD Grow Dammit$10.99
PLAQCW Conserve Water$10.99
It's All Greek
to ME!
Ever get frustrated that
something won't grow in
your garden or you don’t
know what it is? Have fun
with it! These 7-1/2" x 3"
comical garden markers will
have you and your friends
smiling. The weatherproofed
markers will not fade or
crack in the outdoor elements
and will last for years and
CL3PK Set of 3$29.99
Hanging Garden Plaques
Unique, handmade plaques are a fun accent to
add to your garden. The weatherproof stoneware will not crack in the snow or fade in the
sun. Unlike a resin product, these handcrafted
stoneware plaques will last. Hang these on
your garden shed, on a tree, inside your home
or anywhere that could use a little added
charm. 7-1/2" x 4-3/4".
SAYLLG Live, Laugh Garden $17.99
SAYGR Gardener's Recipe's $17.99
SAYWEL Welcome
Feel the Dirt Without Getting
Dirty, You'll Hardly Know
You're Wearing Gloves!
If you love the feel of the earth, these are
the gloves for you. Ultra-thin nylon knit to
fit like a second skin, letting you feel what
you’re doing: weeding, pruning, even picking
up seeds. Plus, they’re great for opening jars.
Tougher than rubber, nitrile palm and finger
coating protects you from the hazards of
WWW WW "These gloves are
gardening. Machine washable. Choose lime
(9L), black (8B), purple (PP), or navy blue
absolutely the best gloves I have ever
used. it is now possible to do jobs with (3B) in sizes SM, MD, LG. (Size XL just
gloves on that were previously impos- black, size XS just purple.) Ship wt .5 lb.
sible or inefficient. it is almost as if you NT370-size-color Nitrile Gloves
have a second skin on." - Bob, HI
A Lightweight, Flexible
and Thorn-Proof Rose Glove
Finally, a rose glove tough on protection, flexible
on fit, and unrivaled in comfort and style. 100%
synthetic suede is tough enough to keep thorns
out but supple enough for delicate tasks. Padded
palms and reinforced finger pads protect against
thorns, prickly stems or abrasive logs. Extended
elbow-length gauntlet cuffs shield your forearms
and prevent snagged shirts. Designed for breathability and a comfortable fit. Machine washable.
Ruby with olive palms, in unisex sizes: XS, SM,
MD, LG, XL. Ship wt .5 lb.
054-size Rose Gloves
Disassembles and
folds without tools in
just a few seconds.
Removable canvas soil
reservoir totes easily.
We All Crave More Planting Space—This
Potting Bench Delivers and Then It Can Fold Up!
This sturdy, powder-coated steel work bench is also a stunning
buffet, bar or grill station. Add the ability to fold flat to store in
almost any narrow space, and wow—you’ve got a winner. The
lift-out soil reservoir also works as a garden tote and an ice/
drinks holder. Multiple hooks hold tools, aprons, grill accessories, etc. Requires no tools for assembly. For indoor or outdoor
use. Measures 36in x 18in x 55in. Tightly folds to 18in x 4in x
55in. Ship wt 37 lb.
89196 Wrought Iron Potting Bench $187.99
Buy 2 or more, only $139.95 each!
Sturdy enough
not to blow
over yet light
enough to
easily move.
Buy shelves individually or as a set shown above, #PSGR.
Beautiful Display with Handcrafted Quality
Complement your porch, sunroom or patio with the handcrafted
scrolls and lattices of these fabulous shelves.
One Corner Stand
(40inH x 14inW x 14inD); Ship wt 13.5 lb.$49.99
PS3T One Rectangular 3-Tier Stand
(41inH x 39inW x 14inD); Ship wt 30 lb.
& SAVE $25
PSGR - Forged Stand Set; 2 corner stands
and 1 rectangular tier; Ship wt 56 lb.
Collect and Save Your Favorite Seeds for Next Year!
Collect, organize and store seeds by their planting month in this
stylish powder-coated tin. Far too lovely to leave tucked away in the
garden shed—bring it inside to make a charming decorative display!
Nesting tables are one of the most versatile items you can buy. Use
Comes complete with pencil, monthly dividers and five special seed
indoors or out. Black powder coat finish weathers the elements. Sold
storage envelopes to start collecting your own seeds. Great for the
only as a set of 3 tables: Large 33inW x 27inH x 10inD; Medium
avid gardener or someone just getting started. Additional envelopes
30inW x 22inH x 10inD; Small 27inW x 16inH x 10inD. Ship wt 38 lb. sold separately. Ship wt 3.5 lb.
89192 Set of 3 Nesting Tables
SPOG Seed Packet Organizer
Buy 2 or more, only $129.95 each!
SSENV Extra Pack of 20 Seed Envelopes $8.99
WWW WW "Very happy with both the quality and looks. I Buy 3 or more, only $8.50 each!
Floral Displays Step Up to Show More
have these next to my door. Looks beautiful with potted plants
and takes up minimal space." – Gina, NJ
888.556.5676 /
| 21
Know whether
there is too little or
too much fertilizer,
or just the right
Find the
perfect spot
for shade,
part shade
and sun
moisture level.
See pH levels
from 0-9.
Simply flip the
lever to choose
which reading
you want to take.
Three 3-3/8 inch
probes create an
electrical current
that allows the
meter to take an
accurate reading
of soil conditions.
Take the Guesswork Out of
Knowing What Your Favorite
Plant Needs
The digital 3-way soil analyzer is an easy
and convenient way to get proper readings
for pH, fertility and temperature. With just a
simple push of a button, you have the information you need for optimal plant growth.
The analyzer's easy-to-read fertility meter
shows the combined levels of nitrogen,
phosphorus and potash (NPK) to determine
proper health, growth and productivity for
your plants. Corded probe for easy handling.
Batteries included. Ship wt .5 lb.
D1835 Digital 3-way Analyzer
$34.993+ $32.49
Before You Plant, Make Sure that Spot
gets Enough Sun, and Has the Right pH!
Be a know-it-all! Handy tool measures accurate pH, moisture,
fertilizer and light conditions every time. Shows pH levels from 0-9.
Provides the percentage of moisture in your soil. Lets you know
when fertilizer levels are too high or too low. Identifies light levels
to help you find the perfect spot for shade, part shade, and sun
plantings. Easily switches functions. Simply insert into soil and flip
the lever to the reading you want to take. Ship wt .5 lb.
FW3000 4-way Meter$35.99
Make compost
tea in your
watering can
or place in the
root zone of
plants before
This Inconspicuous
Water Indicator is
Disguised as a Rock!
Never forget to water your plants again!
Wrox is a soil moisture indicator that alerts
you when a plant’s soil is becoming dry and
needs watering to sustain a healthy plant.
This natural looking soil moisture indicator takes away the guess work, letting you
know when plants need watering—and just
as importantly—when they do not! The
1-inch small rock turns blue when plant has
enough moisture and then turns white as the
plant starts to dry out. Use the rock over and
over again. Can be used on indoor and outdoor plants. Pack of 3 rocks. Ship wt .5 lb.
WXWI Wrox Water Indicator Rocks
$7.49 3+ $7.00
No Measuring, No Special Equipment,
No Waste—Just Fast, Easy Application!
The most convenient, fast and dose-controlled way to feed plants.
Simply put 1 to 3 tea bags into a watering can, let it soak overnight,
and apply topically to leaves and soil the following day. Reapply fresh
tea weekly. Ideal for indoor plants because there are NO harsh fertilizers to bring into your home. It's all-natural and you can use around
your family. It's OMRI listed and safe for all flowers, vegetables,
trees and shrubs.
Compost Tea Bags can also be placed into the root zone of potted or
bed-grown plants at planting or repotting time to give them a slow,
even feeding of nutrients. Reapply once every 3-4 months during
routine fertilization maintenance after plant establishment. One bag
contains twelve 21-gram compost tea bags. Made in the USA.
Ship wt .5 lb.
STBG Sustane 4-6-4 Compost Tea Bags $9.99
Garden Bench and Kneeler in 1—So Handy!
Use as a kneeler with grip bars to help you get up, or flip over for
a versatile bench. Your back and knees will truly appreciate the comfort this product provides. Sturdy steel frame with tough powder-coated finish and ¾" foam for long life. Legs lock securely; folds flat for
convenient storage. 21.5inW x 11inD x 5inH. Handles unfold to 16.5in
seat. Weighs only 8 lbs., so it’s easy to lift and carry, but holds up to
250 lbs. Ideal for arthritis sufferers. Ship wt 7.5 lb.
1786FG Garden Bench/Kneeler
Optional Tool Pouch
2-pocket polyester canvas
pouch keeps tools at hand
and easily accessible.
Ship wt .5 lb.
Folds flat for
easy storage!
COM1786 – Pouch & Kneeler Combo
Ship wt 7.5 lb.
Both sides
padded for
extra comfort.
pouch for
easy tool
Dry your
boots and
gloves faster
with a boot
drying rack.
Simply place
over your
floor heat
Use as a bench or flip over for a convenient
kneeler with handy grip bars to help you stand up!
An Easy Solution for Keeping
Your Gloves and Boots Dry
Nothing feels worse than having to put
on cold, soggy gloves and boots! These
handy racks can be placed directly over
your floor heat register to quickly dry
wet gloves, boots, hats and scarves. When
it's warm out, you can also place the
racks outside to dry your garden gloves
in the sun. No more drippy clothing and
footwear to clutter up foyers, floors and
hallways. Ideal to have when the kids are
running in and out of the house to play
in the snow, when you get caught in the
rain, or when you have been digging in
the damp garden. Includes 2 white coated
metal racks. Each rack has 10 pegs to
hold your items. 12inL x 6.25inW x
6.75inH. Set of 2. Ship wt 1 lb.
GBDRY2 Set of 2 Drying Racks
Buy 3 or more, only $9.29 each!
No More Bending or Struggling
to Take Off Your Boots
Easily slide off your boots before dragging mud through the house—without
getting your hands dirty or straining your
back! The Boot Remover has a U-shaped
mouth which grips the heel of the boot
and has a flat area to which weight can
be applied to hold it in place. Made from
durable plastic with a non-slip surface for
traction and a serrated edge for scraping
sides. Works for all sizes and types of
footwear. 11.5-inches long. Ship wt 1 lb.
BTREM Boot Remover $8.99
Buy 3 or more, only $7.89 each!
Go In and Out of the House
Without Making a Mess
Now you can step inside quickly right in the
middle of gardening chores with no worries of
a muddy mess. Simply slip on your Shoe Ins at
the door and the mud stays contained, no hands
required. Lightweight, simply spray with the
hose to clean. Available in 4 sizes to fit most
shoe sizes; see chart below. Ship wt 1.5 lb.
SHIN-size Shoe-In $29.99
W W W W W "I was skeptical when I
purchased these shoe covers, particularly
with my size 13 clodhoppers but they work
just great. They are easy to slip on and off
and are extremely light weight. I always
have occasion to go in and out of the house
throughout the day and it's a pain to have
to take my work shoes off every time..."
– Neil, MD
888.556.5676 /
| 23
Wipe out those last
remaining weeds!
Tidy and convenient
wand storage
Drastically Reduce Weeding
hose for
easy reaching
4.25in mouth
Large 4-gallon
tank for
fewer refills
Durable UV-treated
translucent tank
allows you to see
mixture level.
Wheels carry
the weight and
pressurize tank
as they roll—
no pumping!
Forget Hand Pumping and Heavy Lifting
Pressurizes as you walk. Large 4-gal. tank is easy to handle because
the wheels carry the weight. Chemical-resistant polymer discharge
valve and leakproof seals. Great for fertilizing, treating weeds,
applying stain to decks and more.
W4S Wheel Pump Sprayer; Ship wt 11.5 lb. $102.59
A chemical–free,
easy way to
eradicate weeds.
Fight Weeds with Fire, What Fun!
Keeps your landscaping looking sharper longer. Effectively blocks
weeds and seed germination, reducing the need for chemicals and
weeding, saving you time and money. Tightly woven polypropylene
fabric is 98% opaque to light and permeable to air, water and other
valuable nutrients that promote healthy plant growth. Will not rot,
mildew or become brittle. Easy to install.
Standard Grade 4.75 oz.
Item #
Ship Wt
3ft x 50ft
5 lb
3ft x 100ft 9.5 lb
Premium Grade 5 oz., UV stabilized
Item #
Ship Wt
3ft x 250ft
28 lb
4ft x 250ft
36.5 lb
5ft x 250ft
46.5 lb
6ft x 250ft
56 lb
8ft x 250ft
72.5 lb
Per Roll
Per Roll
2420 Pack of 24 Anchors; Ship wt .5 lb.
616AP Pack of 500 Anchors; Ship wt 20 lb.$34.99
"Hook and Loop"
adjustable Velcro
straps allow for an
easy on and off!
Waterproof, Lightweight and Wrapped in
Layers of Cushioning for Maximum Comfort!
The Kneelo™ Kneeler and Knee Pads have a deep layer of shockabsorbing EVA foam and a layer of ultra-cushioning memory foam
that's wrapped in a waterproof, durable neoprene with a quick-dry,
easy-to-clean nylon coating. Kneeler measures 20.5inL x 12inW x
2inH. Knee pads measure 9inL x 7.5inW, one size fits all.
Ship wt 1 lb.
Gooseberry Kneeler
Fuchsia Kneeler
Poppy Knee Pad
Moss Knee Pad
Your own mini flame thrower! The use of heat for weed control
is nothing new...professional gardeners have relied on it for a long
time. Now, you too can fight weeds effectively and conveniently.
No more chemical hazards or messy clean up. Unit is complete
with Piezo ignition which provides a flame at the touch of a button.
Runs on propane or a mixture of propane/butane in 14 or 16.2 oz.
cylinders (not included). 30.3" length. Optional 8 foot hose assembly
allows you to use with any bulk tank application. Ship wt 3 lb.
2230 Torch Garden Weeder$79.99
24 |
Easily achieve that perfectly
manicured, professional look!
All the same great features
as our orange soil knife, but
now in PINK to help support
a worthy cause!
Depth markings great
for bulb planting
Help Us in the Fight Against Cancer
When you purchase our new Pink Leonard Deluxe Soil
Knife, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the
American Cancer Society to help fund cancer research
and education. Available to ship October 2013.
4752P Pink Leonard Deluxe Soil Knife $20.99 Aggressive
serrated edge
for deeper cuts!
Molded thumb
rest handle!
stainless steel.
Twine cuttings
notch in blade.
Bright handle makes
it quick to spot in a
green garden!
4752COM - Soil Knife
& Sheath Combo
Ship wt 1 lb.
Leonard Deluxe Soil Knife
Still manufactured from the highest quality rust-resistant Swedish stainless steel
as the classic. The blade is engineered to withstand over 300 lb of pressure, for
a lifetime of use. The 6in stainless steel blade has a tapered slicing edge, plus a
sharp, deeply serrated side made for fast cutting. Redesigned one-piece molded
composite handle offers a more rounded grip and molded thumb rest. Blade is
1-3/4in wide, 11-3/4in overall. Ship wt .5 lb.
4752 Knife Only
Leather Sheath with clip-on action for safekeeping. Ship wt. .5 lb.
4750S Sheath Only
Leonard Classic Soil Knife
Our classic soil knife design made by
one of the world’s finest manufacturers of quality Swedish steel tools, is
a 3-in-1 landscaping tool! It digs,
cuts and saws. The 6in stainless
steel blade has a tapered slicing
edge with mild serrations on one
side. One piece molded composite handle is designed with a wide
guard. Blade is 1-3/4in wide and 113/4in long. Ship wt .5 lb.
4750 Knife Only
Leather Sheath with clip-on action
for safekeeping. Ship wt .5 lb.
4750S Sheath Only
Mild serrations
Classic Knife features:
• Matte finish stainless steel
• Shorter, milder serrations
• Larger grip guard
• Customer favorite for years
• Lifetime Warranty
4750COM - Soil Knife
& Sheath Combo
Ship wt 1 lb.
Leonard Case, Soil Knife, and Pruner Combo
Get our SPK8 dual case fully equipped with the 4752 deluxe soil
knife and popular 1286 hand pruners! You’ll be prepared to tackle
pruning, flower planting, weeding, and more. Ship wt 2 lb.
PKCOM 3-Piece Combo $65.99
Save over $5 when you buy the combo!
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| 25
Unique digging tools let you
work smarter, not harder!
39.25" L
• 14 gauge tempered recycled steel blade
• Large, non-slip
D-grip handle
for better control
• Forward tilt for
added leverage
• 10-year
manufacturer's warranty
Hers™ Shovels for Women, in Three Sizes
Hers™ is a shovel-spade hybrid designed scientifically and specifically for women. Every feature of Hers™ is based on women's bodies
and digging styles, from the shape and diameter of the handle to the
three shaft lengths, plus the angle and enlarged step on the tempered steel blade. The ash handle is Appalachian Hardwood Verified
Sustainable, meaning it comes from eastern U.S. forests where 2.29
trees are growing for every 1 tree that is harvested. Any wood scraps
left over from making the handles are converted into wood pellets or
wood chips—nothing is wasted! Made in the U.S.A.
Hers Shovel: Small
Hers Shovel: Medium $74.99
Hers Shovel: Large
Lightweight, Tough All Poly
Scoop Fork Quickly Moves Mulch,
Compost, Hay and More!
The Leonard Scoop Fork features an all poly
construction that reduces tool weight, yet tackles
moving mulch at a record pace. Beveled tines
pierce through mulch piles, straw, compost,
leaves, hay and more, while the deep 'scoop
shaped' tines yield a high carrying capacity. The
8-tine construction features an average 1-3/8"
tine spacing to adequately hold materials. The
poly handle has a comfortable feel and the large
1-3/8" diameter grip is textured for slip-resistance.
Handle length of 30 inches provides good reach
and balanced control. Head is 14-1/2" x 15".
14-1/2” x 15” fork
Overall Length 44-1/2". Made in the USA.
size offers a gener- Lifetime Warranty. Ship wt 4 lb.
ous capacity to
APF800 Leonard All Poly Scoop Fork $79.99
quickly move
Introductory Price $69.99
compost, filling
a 6 cu ft. wheelbarrow in just a few
44.5" L
40% Lighter than the Average Steel Fork!
41.75" L
See what
makes this fork
so unique!
Stainless Steel Floral
Shovel is Ideal for
Flower Gardens,
Transplants and
Raised Beds
Great for tight spaces and
when you don't want to dig
large shovelfuls of dirt that
will disturb surrounding areas
or plants. Features a large
“O”-shaped handle with nonslip grip to provide comfort
for both hands. Unbreakable
resin-encased steel shaft for
strength. Lifetime guarantee.
Premium value for the discerning gardener. 7.5"W x
2.5"H x 39.63"L. Ship wt 4 lb.
Round Shovel $39.99
PROHOE Rogue Hoes—Choose Your Weapon!
The PROHOE Rogue Hoe line are professional quality
tools built from recycled agricultural disc blades. The
tempered steel is the best steel for the job, resulting in
tools that are extremely durable with long lasting sharp
edges. The grinding, welding, and sharpening are all done
professionally by hand to ensure each piece is crafted
with the highest quality. Made in the USA.
PROHOE 7 Inch Field Hoe—The heavyweight of the line.
7 inch wide cutting blade breaks up sod, cultivates and clears waste
trees up to 1 inch diameter. To hold up to heavy use, the socket and
blade are welded together, then riveted through the handle for a
strong connection. 60 inch handle length. Ship wt 4.1 lb.
7in Field Hoe
W W W W W "I love this hoe (#70F). It's the best I've ever
owned. I have a small organic, minimal till farm, so I do a lot
of hand hoeing. It's sharp - cuts the thistles, and other heavy
weeds easily, but I can still hoe the smaller, delicate weeds
coming up around my transplants. It's so sturdy and heavy that
I can let the hoe do the work - not my back." – J. McCain, OR
PROHOE 7 Inch Garden Hoe—The original. 7 inch wide cut
head, sharpened on all three sides for work in wide as well as tight
areas. Just turn up on its side for tight spots. Very effective for cutting
and moving dirt. Hefty 1-3/8 inch diameter, 60 inch handle. Ship wt
3.3 lb.
7in Garden Hoe
PROHOE 5-1/2 Inch Garden Hoe—An all-purpose hoe
and a favorite by users wanting a quality tool, but without the weight.
Three sided, sharpened blade. Weighs just over two pounds which
makes it light and easy to handle. 1-1/4 inch diameter, 60 inch handle.
Ship wt 2.3 lb.
575G 5-1/2in Garden Hoe $32.99
PROHOE 6 Inch Scuffle Hoe—Three sided blade, very sharp
for smooth cutting in both directions. The scuffle hoe’s push/pull
motion allows weeding under branching plants where common hoes
can’t effectively reach. Ship wt 2.5 lb.
6in Scuffle Hoe
Enjoy the
and balance!
More digging tools
Jagged, sharp,
steel blade cuts
through it all.
W W W W "It is a very sturdy
shovel with an edge to break
through hard soil. The edge is very
sharp and will take on old roots left
by trees that have been removed."
– Lynda M., OR
Saw Through
Any Debris
Mini Series Groundbreakers®
Chop, cultivate, clear and break up hard soil—each tool
is dual-purpose! Well-balanced, professional-grade 16in
hickory handles. Ship wt 2 lb.
Tiller$17.99 BUY THE
Set of 3; Ship wt 6 lb.$46.99 SAVE $8
• Unique sawtooth design
• Slice through roots and compact soil
• Steel blade is built to last
An amazingly rugged tool! Versatile sawtooth design cuts through
rooted and compacted soil, even rocky soils and ice, with ease.
8-3/4in x 11in heavy 13-gauge high-carbon steel blade, turned
steps, square socket. Made in the USA. Weighs 5 lb.
SV344ft Wood Handle; Ship wt 5 lb.
SVF714ft Fiberglass Handle; Ship wt 5.5 lb.$55.99
29in Wood D-Grip Handle; Ship wt 4.5 lb$43.99
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of the tool. A.M. Leonard, Inc. will replace or
repair faulty tools at its sole discretion. Tools
need to be sent postage prepaid to A.M. Leonard, Inc., 241 Fox Drive, Piqua, Ohio 45356. This limited warranty does not cover damage due to abuse, rust, mishandling or unauthorized repair. Changes in design, finish,
material specifications, etc. may be made without notice and without implying any obligation or recourse
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Don't let drought stress ruin all your
hard work— keep your new plants
and transplants watered!
steel frame is tough
for rough weather
and rough terrain.
Haul up to 300ft
of garden hose
without a struggle.
Swivel crank
handle easily
winds up
the hose.
Leonard 4 Wheel Hose Wagon
You’ll appreciate the quality details every time you use
this wagon. Holds a full 300ft of 5/8in hose on a wellcrafted 13-gauge steel frame. Brass and galvanized
plumbing for long life. Extra-long 8ft inlet hose. Wire
basket keeps your nozzles and accessories handy.
Full front and rear axles in tough welded housings.
Galvanized metal rims with smooth-rolling pneumatic
tires. Swivel crank handle. Tan powder-coat finish. 32inL
x 2ftW x 3ftH. Lifetime guarantee. Ship wt 45.5 lb.
HW300 Leonard 4 Wheel Hose Wagon $189.99
Enjoy the
stroll with the
pneumatic tires’
smooth ride.
More hoses and hose storage at
Rotating spout
and adjustable
handle let you
decide how to
Rotates a
full 360
to cover
3 acres!
shower or
Flexogen—The ONLY 8-ply
Hose, Made in the USA!
8-ply construction with over 500 psi
burst strength. Heavy-duty, crushresistant, full-flow brass couplings with
built-in washer. Lightweight coils handle
easily in all weather. All hoses have
maximum kink resistance.
580FX 5/8in x 50ft; 9 lb.
587FX 5/8in x 75ft; 13 lb. $49.99
581FX 5/8in x 100ft; 16.5 lb.$69.99
340FX 3/4in x 50ft; 10 lb. $54.99
341FX 3/4in x 100ft; 22 lb. $109.99
Fiskars® Easy Pour Watering Can
Offers both capacity and control. Holds 2.6
Free-Standing Swivel Reel
gallons yet is easy to carry and pour because
The unique patented swiveling turret design
of its unique handle design. Dual handles
can rotate 360˚ and hold up to 200ft of 5/8in
accommodate multiple hand positions. The
hose, making it capable of delivering water
hinged handle enables two-handed pouring for
anywhere within a total coverage area of
better maneuverability and control. The spout
rotates for adjustable flow control, from a gentle over 3 acres! Great design with plenty of capacity, and built for heavy duty use. All steel
shower to a steady stream. The filling hole is
with anti-rust finish. (Hose not included.)
located on the side so the handles don’t get in
Ship wt 18 lb.
the way, making it easier to fill. Ship wt 2 lb.
SR360 Swivel Reel $174.49
47287 Fiskars® Watering Can $21.99
888.556.5676 / | 29
Keep your young and newly planted trees hydrated this fall
Ideal for Watering Trees
on Sloped Surfaces
•5 To 8 hour drip rate.
•Deep watering right to the roots.
•Increased survival rates.
•Reinforced polyethylene material
•Strong, triple stitched lift straps
Attractive green
color blends into
turf, for a more
appealing look!
The latest addition, the ArborRain
Tower, is a design our customers
have been asking for. The Tower
deep waters right to the roots, prevents runoff and increases survival
rates. Its tall, slim shape, 18" wide
when filled, works well in the landscape and irrigates well on sloped
surfaces. Locking zipper stays
in place. Features strong, triplestitched lift straps. Zip multiple hydrators together for larger diameter
trees. Single fits up to 4" diameter.
Two zipped together will irrigate
up to 8" trees. Holds approximately
20 gallons. Ship wt 1 lb.
ART20 ArborRain Tower
More watering solutions at
One case has
40 stakes to
feed 8 trees
for an entire
Deer and
poultry fence
blocks plants
and crops
from deer
resists sun
damage for
"I've used these stakes
for four years now and
my evergreen trees
show significantly more
growth in comparison
to other trees in the
neighborhood. I work
and live in a harsh
mountain environment
with gravel soils and it's
tough to get any tree
to grow. These fertilizer
stakes are essential."
– Grant B., Skyland
Metro District, Crested
Butte, CO
Leonard Tree Stakes: Just Use Once
a Year for Time-Released Goodness
A.M. Leonard brand super tree feeding stakes contain all the
essential nutrients your trees need to maintain proper health. Stakes
are packaged in a big 40-pack box. 1 application usually lasts all
year. Each case of 40 stakes is enough to feed about eight 3-inch
diameter trees. Case of 40 stakes. Ship wt 12 lb.
1775E 10-10-10 for Evergreens and General Use $35.99
1791T 15-7-6 for Trees and Shrubs
1812F 8-16-16 for Fruit and Ornamental Trees $35.99
WWW WW "I used the Leonard stakes for the first time this
year, and I am delighted. They were easy to knock in with a 4lb
hammer (and I've put in thousands over the year): much better
than all the others I have used. Until now, I had not found a tree
fertilizer stake specifically for fruit trees. I'll be buying many
more boxes!" – John H., OH
Create a
fence with
You’re Not the Only One Who Thinks
Your Garden Looks Good Enough to Eat!
Fencing is virtually invisible when installed and yet provides
considerable protection. The material is strong, lightweight, and
easy to install. It is a great alternative to wire and electric fences
and will last for several seasons due to UV inhibitors included
in the material. The black mesh is available in two sizes to suit
your application. The larger mesh, 1-3/4in x 2in, is widely used
as deer fencing, 7.5 feet is the best choice. The smaller mesh,
3/4in x 1in, can be used as fencing for deer control and also
smaller animal and bird control.
1-3/4in x 2in Mesh
CN433 4’ x 330’
CN610 6’ x 100’
CN633 6’ x 330’
CN710 7.5’ x 100’
CN733 7.5’ x 330’
3/4in x 1in Mesh
MN433 4’ x 330’
MN633 6.5’ x 330’
Ship wt 28 lb.$146.99
Ship wt 17 lb. $94.99
Ship wt 38 lb.$217.99
Ship wt 21.5 lb.$110.49
Ship wt 48 lb.$279.99
Ship wt 25.5 lb.$156.99
Ship wt 41.5 lb.$287.99
7 Easy Steps—a fast way to know
what you need for a deer fence.
Two emitters distribute water Fill quickly and easily through
slowly and evenly up to 8
the large diameter fill port.
hours providing a deep
Screw cap keeps water in
hydration of trees and shrubs.
and contaminants out.
WWW WW "...It does a great job of soaking down the
root zone slowly. I have had no problems at all with the AR20
product. I was concerned that wildlife such as raccoons, etc.
might be a problem in this extreme drought, but they did not
bother the tubes at all." – Kirk, TX
"Good product, good price... much less
noticeable in the landscape than the tall
green style." – Cathy, MD
Slow, Even Watering Means Maximum
Usage by the Tree, For Better Health
Great way to protect your investment with young trees and
shrubs. High capacity 20 or 32 gallon models release water over a 5
to 8 hour timeframe allowing water to permeate deep into the soil,
hydrating both root ball and surrounding soil for complete coverage.
ArborRain™ is designed with a low profile to blend in better with the
natural surroundings and the dark brown color dramatically reduces
its visibility when used along with dark hardwood mulches. Fits up
to 6-inch diameter trees; multiple hydrators can be placed around
the drip line of large established trees to alleviate stress from drought
or new construction. 20gal-Ship wt 2 lb. 32gal-Ship wt 2.5 lb.
AR20 20-gallon ArborRain™ System $17.99
AR32 32-gallon ArborRain™ System $21.99
Stop damage from deer, rabbits, string trimmers and more!
ww ww w
"These keep the
deer away and yet,
are inconspicuous
enough that I leave
them on year round.
A great product!"
– Grace, OH
Keeps your saplings
safe from yard work!
Keep Gnawing Critters and
Wild String Trimmers at Bay!
Deer, squirrel, rabbits and woodchucks cannot
bite or rub tree bark through this rigid plastic
mesh. Open mesh prevents moisture and mildew
buildup, won’t harbor insects and animals, and
won’t inhibit growth. These tubes are designed
to blend in. Flexible and easy to install, in
three lengths, 4in diameter. Sold and priced in
bundles of 5.
BG24 2ft Guard; Ship wt 2 lb.
BG36 3ft Guard; Ship wt 3 lb.
BG48 4ft Guard; Ship wt 5 lb.
Find more tree
guards online:
w w w w w "Easy to wrap around..."
– Sue, MO
888.556.5676 /
| 31
Solar Powered! Stores
the suns energy during
the day, lights up
at night.
Great for
indoors too!
Powered by
the sun!
Shine Dramatic Up-Lighting
on Your Plants, Statues and More!
The versatility of the Solar Illuminator Up-Lighter makes it a truly
one-of-a-kind product. It can be used in a variety of locations such as
your deck, patio, porch, garden and flower bed, and will accommodate
objects up to 14 inches in diameter. Highlight your garden statues or
mixed flower planters. Small enough to even be used on an outdoor
stand or on the kitchen countertop. 8.5in L x 8.5in W x 3.25in H.
Ship wt 1.25 lbs.
IL4501 Solar Illuminator Up-Lighter $27.99
Cast a Beautiful Glow on Your Potted
Plants in the Evening Hours— Great
for the Porch or Patio!
Create a beautiful nighttime effect and lluminate your garden!
This portable plant caddy uplights container plants, statuary
and more at night using solar rechargeable batteries. Combines
portablility with illumination. Ship wt 2.5 lbs.
IL4500 Rolling Solar Illuminator Plant Caddy $36.99
The handy inspection mirror connects
to the lighted end and adjusts to any
angle with 360 degree rotation.
Add a warm,
welcoming glow
to any setting
The magnet at the light allows you
to see and easily retrieve screws and
other metal objects.
LED String Lights are a Versatile Accessory
for Any Indoor or Outdoor Decor
Use with branches, flowers, topiaries, an outdoor umbrella or in clear
glass vases. Make your guests feel welcome in an "Everlasting Glow"
when throwing outdoor barbeques or holiday gatherings. Available in
a 5-foot or 10-foot battery operated strand that is on a timer to save
battery life, and also a 10-foot electric plug-in strand that is weatherresistant when used under awnings. The light bulbs have a life of
25,000 hours. Bulbs are spaced 4 inches apart with a 12 inch lead
wire. Battery operated lights require 3 (AA) batteries, not included.
36901 5 feet Battery Operated
38626 10 feet Battery Operated
38653 10 feet Electric Plug-In
See It, Reach It, Grab It!
Great to have on hand when working in the garage or
garden shed, and for those annoying times when you
drop something behind or underneath furniture in the
house. You can even use it for extra lighting while grilling at night—just attach it right to the grill. The uses are
endless for this multi-functional flashlight!
EMFBAT Extendable Magnetic Flashlight $29.99
Accents for your
outdoor spaces
Stands 80 inches tall
Funnel feature
makes refilling
10 cup tube
easier and
Both weather and fade resistant, these
polyester flags are made to last! These flags
are garden sized at 12.5-inch x 18-inch and
can be tucked in between plants without
hiding them or used in small spaces without
being overbearing. Show off your holiday or
seasonal spirit and brighten up your garden!
Ship wt .5 lb.
FLPM Pumpkins & Mums
FLSL Stack O'Lanterns $9.99
FLSN Sunflower Welcome $9.99
FLWF Witch Feet $9.99
Buy the Set and Save!
FLFA4 Set of 4 flags$36.99
GFS3 3-Piece Flag Stand$9.99
Upper and lower feed
trays attract a variety
of wild birds.
Feeder slides up
and down center
pole allowing for
easier filling and
Squirrel guard
inhibits the critters
from climbing up
the pole to feed trays.
Free standing base
holds 30 lb. of
sand for strong,
secure support
in any location.
Deluxe Standing Feeder: The feeder easily slides up and down
the center pole making it quick to fill and maintain. Plus, its funnelshaped opening on the feed tube allows you to fill with less mess and
waste, eliminating the drudgery associated with refilling. Holds up to
10 cups of seed. Approximately 80-inches tall. Ship wt 16.5 lb.
See our large selection of birding
items online:
Great for hanging
decorations too!
Easily Hang Your Favorite Pot!
The Cinch Adjustable Plant Hanger is solid stainless steel, adjustable to fit many sizes and shapes, and so easy to use! Hold a
planter, a basket of towels or fruit, or even a fishbowl. Be creative—so many uses inside or outdoors. The Cinch adjusts to fit
most pots with a taper or a lip. The eye opens to different sizes
and cinches secure to hold pots up to 20 pounds. Ship wt .5 lb.
CINCH Cinch Adjustable Plant Hanger $9.95
Buy 3 or more, only $6.25 each!
Add Decorations without Damaging Brick
Hang your decorations without ruining your brick house or fireplace. Brick Clip® Fasteners support up to 25 pounds and easily
clip on and off. No holes to drill for lead or plastic anchors, no
need to use concrete nails. Use indoors or outdoors for hanging
crafts, decorations, pictures, wreaths­—almost anything, on brick
walls and fireplaces. Includes 4 in a pack. Ship wt .5 lbs.
SBCL4 Brick Clip® 4 pack$8.95
888.556.5676 /
| 33
With Twice the Heat Retention of Typical
Greenhouses, These Nature Series
Greenhouses are a True Advantage for
Fruits, Flowers and Vegetables!
Go online for more detailed specs!
The Nature Greenhouse is sure to catch your eye. It features
a rust-resistant, brushed aluminum frame and heavy-duty
galvanized steel base that is designed to stand the test of
time. Your plants will love the diffused even light from the
clear, twin-wall polycarbonate panels that have the added
benefit of TWICE the heat retention of typical single-layer
panels. Besides excellent thermal insulation, these 4mm panels have 100% UV-protection to block out 99.9% of harmful
radiation, and are virtually unbreakable. The sturdy, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame features strong bolt-together
connections that go together quickly and easily. Heavy-duty
galvanized steel base kit will provide an easy way to anchor
your greenhouse to your wood or concrete foundation. An
adjustable roof vent and swinging door provide excellent
ventilation. A gutter and downspout are included so you can
conserve water by collecting that spring rainwater! Plus it’s
roomy with 6.5 feet of headroom. Average setup time of 4
to 5 hours. Dimensions are 72.25in L x 73in W x (53in side
height or 85in apex height). Door is 2ft wide by 6ft high.
HG5006 6ft x 6ft with Silver Frame $549.99
HG5006G 6ft x 6ft with Powder-Coated Green Frame
HG5008 6ft x 8ft with Silver Frame $649.99
HG5008G 6ft x 8ft with Powder-Coated Green Frame
Choose from 3
seed packs or use
your own seeds!
Includes everything you
need to start your own
windowsill herb garden.
Keep Gardening Throughout the Cold Weather
Months and Have Fresh Herbs All Year Round!
add water
add seeds
Micro-Green Seed Starter Kit with Tray
Grow seedlings and micro-greens in the same tray! While your seeds are
growing for your garden you can be eating fresh home grown microgreens that add nutrients and zesty flavor to all your salads, sandwiches,
and favorite dishes. When you are done with the first round, we have
micro-green replacement pads (GMPAD6) so you can keep growing them
all year long. Complete, clean system has no soil—just natural and FDA
approved ingredients. Made in the USA.
Micro-Green Starter Kit – 21.25in L x 11in W x 2.75in H.
Micro-Green Mini Starter Kit – 10.25in L x 7.5in W x 2in H
Micro-Green Germination Pads – pack of 6; ship wt 1 lb.
RADSD Radish Micro-Green Seeds, pack of 3 $5.99
MUTSD Mustard Micro-Green Seeds, pack of 2 $5.99
ARUSD Arugula Micro-Green Seeds, pack of 2 $5.99
Discover the joy of growing your own herbs right on your
windowsill, balcony or patio! This 4 sectioned, sturdy metal
herb planter comes complete with soil, seed, plant markers and
planting guides. Kit contains parsley, chives, basil and thyme.
The base of the planter is equipped with holes to avoid rotting
of the roots and the cover is used as a tray to hold excess water.
Ship wt 5 lb.
KHP4 Kitchen Herbs Planter $42.99
Grow Your Own Mushrooms—
It's as Easy as Open, Mist,
and EAT!
Fun for the kids at home or in the classroom. Grow up to 1.5 lbs of gourmet
pearl oyster mushrooms; sprouting will
start within 10-14 days. Just set on a
kitchen window sill and mist twice a
day (mister included) to keep it moist.
Eco-friendly coffee grinds are used for
the soil. Ship wt. 3 lb.
MRG Mushroom Garden Kit $19.99
Extend your growing season
into late fall and early winter!
Protection from Frost and Garden Pests Too!
The ingenious design of these frost guards makes them excellent
for protecting roses and ideal for extending your growing season for
winter crops. Protect against grazing garden pests. Translucent to allow sunlight through yet will not burn your plants. Unique adjustable
vent allows ventilation on hot days and humidity control. To secure
to ground, simply anchor with landscape pins through the three
holes in bottom rim. Stackable for easy storage. Made in the USA.
15in height, 13in diameter. Ship wt 2.5 lb.
FRGD Frost Guard$9.99
Buy 3 or more, only $7.95 each!
Secure into place with steel
anchor pins, (item #2420).
Each guard uses 3 pins.
Adjust the ventilation
with a quick turn.
2420 Steel Anchor Pins, Pack of 24; Ship wt 1 lb.$1.89
Featured in the February 2013 issue of
Even protect plants from snow!
Better Homes and Gardens
Choose from 2 sizes OR assemble two
together to create a dome for larger plants.
Open to vent
and water
Close for full
frost and snow
Customizable Plant Protection
Four anchor holes for
secure placement
cutout area for drip
irrigation hose
The Grow It Now! Plant Protector helps you be the first and last to
harvest. This protector stimulates plant growth, allows light to pass
through freely, has plenty of ventilation while retaining the needed
heat for growth. The bottom of the polyethylene dome has four tabs
for anchor pins (not included) to keep it securely in place. The option
to open the top allows for easy watering access and better ventilation. It also has a cutout to run drip irrigation. You can even snap
two protectors together to create a larger dome, making these the
largest plant protectors on the market!
FGOSM3 Small, 3-Pack, 11"H x 10" Dia; Ship wt 1 lb$9.99
FGOLG3 Large, 3-Pack, 18"H x 14" Dia; Ship wt 2.5 lb$17.39
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More ways to keep your plants protected from frost
Protect your plants
from harsh wind
and frost!
An Easier Way to Protect Rows of Peas,
Beans, and Other Fall Vegetables
The original floating row cover, made from spun-bound polyester.
Holds in warmth to provide early and increased yields, great for
pest control and to extend your harvest into the chilly fall weather.
No wire support hoops necessary. Can be placed directly on the
plants without damaging them. Rugged, breathable material allows
light and water through but won’t overheat plants like plastics can.
Will not rot, shrink or sag. Each cover is over 5 feet wide!
Floating Cover, 67in x 20ft; Ship wt .5 lb.
671RFloating Cover, 67in x 100ft; Ship wt 2.5 lb. $34.99
2420 Steel Anchor Pins, Pack of 24; Ship wt 1 lb.$1.89
616AP Steel Anchor Pins, Box of 500; Ship wt 20 lb. $34.99
Bamboo Hoops Create a Barrier Against Frost
Protect your crops with the aid of these unique hoops. Sturdy enough
to brace frost blankets, poly and shade fabrics without collapsing or
blowing away. You can even cover with netting to guard against nibbling pests. Simply push the bamboo into the ground at the desired
height and attach covering. These can also be used as a simple fence
to keep designated yard and garden areas separate.
BH40 Pkg of 50, 40inL x 21inH x 23.5inW; Ship wt 4 lb. $24.99
BH60 Pkg of 50, 60inL x 24inH x 28inW; Ship wt 7 lb. $29.99
With protection down to 21°F,
you can beat the occasional
frost and hang your baskets
without any worries.
Protect Your Hanging Baskets
and Potted Plants from the Cold!
Extend your favorite plant's growing season. Protects flowers,
plants and vegetables against overnight frost damage down
to 21° F. The high-tech insulating synthetic fabric cover
won't break down so it can be used over and over. Installs in
seconds and folds away easily for storage. Ideal for both hanging baskets and potted plants. Fits up to 18" diameter plants,
22" height.
HPBFC Fabric Frost Cover$8.99
Buy 3 or more, only $8.50 each!
A Quick Spray to Protect All
of Your Plants and Blossoms from Cold Damage!
Liquid Fence® FreezePruf is a foliar/floral spray that increases plant
resistance to both cold damage and cold mortality. The application
of FreezePruf to healthy foliage or flowers improves cold tolerance
by approximately 2 to 9 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on variety of
plant and the duration/intensity of frost or freeze event. It's as though
FreezePruf moves your planting location 200 miles south! FreezePruf
may be applied at any temperature above freezing and will produce benefits as soon as plant surfaces dry. Apply a minimum of 8-12 hours before
an anticipated freeze. Mix 32 oz of concentrate to make 1 gallon of spray.
00710 32oz Pruf Spray Concentrate
00711 1gal FreezePruf Spray Concentrate
00712 2.5gal FreezePruf Spray Concentrate $159.99
Digital Weather Station with Portable Weather Alert;
NOAA Radio Keeps You Continuously Informed
Tune into emergency alerts, storm alerts, tornadoes, floods, disasters,
amber alerts and public announcements. Radio is digitally tuned to
NOAA Weather Radio, providing continuous weather information.
The detachable handheld unit is very useful when needing to take
cover from a storm, allowing you to remain informed on current
weather conditions in your area. You can also use the hand held radio
for power outages or when you are on the go to always know what the
weather is doing. Ship wt 3 lb.
WASR80 Weather Station with Portable Radio $86.99
Know what
the weather
is like before
ever stepping
2 for 1: It's an Alarm Clock
AND Weather Forecast
When You Wake Up!
Updates every 4 seconds! The large LCD screen
offers: time, wireless indoor/outdoor temperature,
min/max forecast. 5.5in W x 5.33in H x 1in D. Uses
4 "AA" batteries, not included. Ship wt 2 lb.
WS9133 2-in-1 Weather Station $29.95
Buy 3 or more, only $26.95 each!
Pinpoint Accuracy Right From Your Own Backyard
Professional weather station displays 12 to 14 hour weather conditions for your exact location. Easy to read LCD screen includes
indoor/outdoor temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction,
shill, barometric pressure, moon phase, clock, calendar and more.
Customize it to alert you when weather conditions change. Patented
outdoor sensor features 5 technologies: thermometer, hygrometer,
wind speed anemometer, wind direction vane and a self-emptying
rainfall collector cup. Display unit measures 7-1/2inW x 8-1/2inH.
One-year limited warranty. Ship wt 6 lb.
PWCM15 Professional Weather Center $119.99
Decorate Your Patio
and Measure Your
Rainfall All-in-One
This unique angel rain gauge
has a sturdy base for easy and
reliable display on a patio or
deck. The glass rain gauge
has easy-to-read measurements in both inches and
centimeters up to 7in (17 cm).
Great for a table or even setting in your garden as a focal
point. Metal finish gives the
rain gauge a classic antique
look and feel. Stands 14in
tall. Ship wt 1.5 lb.
TRGA Garden Angel Rain
Gauge $24.99
Find more rain
gauges online:
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