Download EI-683H Wi-Fi Phone User Manual

EI-683H Wi-Fi Phone
User Manual
Phone Book
Call List
1. How to connect with Access Point
The screen shows the [Select Network] after the EI-683H phone power on.
Step: Menu -> WLAN -> View Networks ->Choose AP-> Press Options -> Connect
※ If AP enable WEP or WPA, please key in the key.
2. How to Register to IP-PBX (SIP Server)
Enter your SIP account information after you select the network.
Step1: Menu -> SIP -> SIP Wizard to create new account profile -> Press Select
Step2: Enter profile name -> Enter display name -> Enter SIP user name -> Through SIP
Server (If peer to peer, please choose “Direct Call”) ->Enter authorization name ->
Enter password ->Enter proxy (IPPBX IP ex.> Don’t need to key in
domain just press “OK” -> NAT Travers select None.
Step3: Select the profile and back to main page.
Step4: “Registered” show in LCD monitor.
3. How to manage the Phone Book
Create the Phone book item
Step: Press “PhBook” -> Enter name to create a new contact -> Edit SIP Phone -> Edit another
information (ex. Mobile…) -> back
Modify Phone book item
Step: Press “PhBook” -> select list item and press “Options” -> View Profile -> Edit -> Back
※ When press “Back” setting would be saved.
Delete the Phone book item
Step: Press “PhBook” -> select list item and press “Options” -> Delete
4. How to make a call
You have 3 ways to make a call.
(1) Direct dial number and press “OK”
(2) Though Phone book
(3) Speed Dial .(Setting in Menu->Settings->Speed Dial)
5. How to manage the call list
You can see your call history in call list. There are three kinds.
(1) Missed Calls
(2) Incoming Calls
(3) Outgoing Calls
Step: Menu->Select “Call List” ->Select an item(ex. Incoming Calls) -> Options (You can make a
call, Send Message, View Detail, Save to Phonebook, Delete an item and Delete all items)
6. Settings
You can set the phone features in there. There are 7 items.
(1) Language
Support English, Tradition Chinese, Simple Chinese and Japanese
(2) Tones
Set the Ring tones, Volume, Vibrate Mode , Keypad Tone and DTMF Tone
(3) Time and Date
Set the Time Setting and SNTP Setting (SNTP Server)
(4) Divert to Another (Call Forward)
Set the Divert Status: There are 4 kinds
None: disable the function
All: All calls forward.
Busy: When phone busy call forward.
Unanswered: When phone unanswered call forward.
Set the Forward to Number: Enter the call forward number.
(5) Calendar
(6) Speed Dial
Set the speed dial number to key 0-9
(7) Auto Provision (Base on IP-PBX or SIP Server)
Set the Auto-provision Status: On or disable
Set the Server: FTP or TFTP
7. Information
(1) SIP : Show the SIP register detail
(2) Network: Show the network status.
(3) System : Show the Firmware Version and Firmware build date.
8. Web GUI Login
When EI-683H get an IP from Access Point, it can use Web browser to config it.
For example:
Default Password:
9. Web Main Menu
Setting Item
Setting Content