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JTLS Document 17
February 2006
These settings are used by the IMT, Message Browser, and Sitrep tools. The panel has been integrated
with other user preferences in the Tools -> Preferences panel.
Figure 21 depicts the preferences panel for the basic units of measure. There are settings for Air
Distance, Distance, Dry Weight, Wet Weight, Speed, and Naval Speed. Each draws the possible
values from units of measure defined in the database.
FIGURE 21. Example Unit of Measure Preference Panel
Figure 22 depicts settings for each supply category. If the database defines a unit of measure for a
supply category, it is useful to set that unit of measure for the applicable supply categories.
Order panels also make use of database defined units of measure when displaying order fields which
have a unit of measure. These fields allow the user to select the unit of measure for the data entered in
the field. This will be very useful for order fields that hold amounts of supplies.
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