Download HP 15-4010nr Maintenance and Service Guide

Remove the system board:
Disconnect the following cables from the system board:
(1) Display panel touch cable
(2) Rear speaker cable
(3) Power button board cable
(4) Display panel cable
(5) WLAN antenna cables
(6) Front speaker cable
(7) Hard drive connector cable
(8) Keyboard backlight cable
(9) Keyboard cable
(10) TouchPad LED board cable
(11) Multimedia board cable
(12) Power connector cable
(13) RTC battery cable
(14) TouchPad cable
Remove the five Phillips PM2.0×4.5 screws (1) and the three Phillips PM2.0×3.0 screws (2) that
secure the system board to the top cover.
Chapter 4 Removal and replacement procedures