Canon VIXIA HF G10 Specifications Download

Carefully go over the following precautions to ensure optimum performance and
personal safety. These bullet points provide an initial guide that specifically relates
to the optics, touchscreen, batteries, cables, and digital memory of the camcorder.
Keep in mind that electricity, wires, cables, lights, stands, tripods, car mounts, and
the shooting environment itself need additional consideration. Consult your user
guides and use common sense.
Batteries and Power Supply
Do not handle the battery using metal tools, and do not store the battery where
it can come into contact with metal objects or surfaces that pose a danger of
causing a short circuit.
When a battery is inserted or removed and when the power adapter is connected
or disconnected, the camcorder must be turned off with both the POWER and
ACCESS indicators entirely dark. Prematurely plugging or unplugging power
before the indicator lights turn dark can corrupt files.
The power adapter must be connected when you transfer files from the camcorder to a computer. To protect files, this operation should not be done on
battery power alone.
Do not leave the battery near a heater, near hot lights, or inside an unventilated
car in hot weather. The recommended operating temperature is 32º to 104º
Fahrenheit (0º to 40º Celsius). For long-term storage, batteries should be kept
in a dry place at temperatures that do not exceed 86º Fahrenheit (30º Celsius).