Download Sharp MX-C401 Specifications

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2008年10月16日 木曜日 午前10時51分
(2) (3)
(1) Automatic document feeder
This automatically feeds and scans
multiple originals. Both sides of
2-sided originals can be scanned at
(2) Document feeder tray
Place the originals in this tray when
using the automatic document feeder.
(3) Operation panel
(4) Document glass
This is used to scan books and
other originals that cannot be
scanned using the automatic
document feeder.
(5) Finisher*
This can be used to staple output.
(6) Main power switch
This is used to power on the machine.
When using the fax or Internet fax
functions, keep this switch in the
"on" position.
(9) (10)
(7) Output tray (center tray)
Copy jobs and print jobs are
delivered to this tray.
(When a finisher is installed, the
output tray (center tray) cannot be
(8) Tray 1
Up to 500 sheets of paper (21 lbs.
(80 g/m2)) can be loaded in each tray.
(9) Tray 2/Tray 3/Tray 4 (500 sheet
paper feed unit is installed)*
This holds paper. Up to 500 sheets
(21 lbs. (80 g/m2)) of paper can be
(10) USB connector (type A)
Supports USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed).
This is used to connect a USB
memory or other USB device to the
* Peripheral device. For more information, see "PERIPHERAL DEVICES" in
"Chapter 1 - BEFORE USING THE MACHINE" in the Operation Guide.