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2008年10月16日 木曜日 午前10時51分
The following example explains how to print a letter size document from
"TextEdit" ("SimpleText" in Mac OS 9), which is a standard accessory
program on Macintosh computers.
To install the printer driver and configure settings in a Macintosh
environment, see "Chapter 3 - SETUP IN A MACINTOSH ENVIRONMENT"
in the Software Setup Guide ("PART 2 SOFTWARE INSTALLATION" in the
Installation Guide).
Setting the paper size
Select paper settings in the printer driver before selecting the print
Open the page setup
window in TextEdit.
(1) Open the [File] menu.
(2) Select [Page Setup].
In Mac OS 9, select [Print] from
the [File] menu of SimpleText.
(1) Make sure the correct
printer is selected.
The machine name that
appears in the "Format for"
menu is normally [SCxxxxxx].
("xxxxxx" is a sequence of
characters that varies
depending on your machine
Select paper settings.
(2) Select [US Letter].
(3) Click the [OK] button.