Download Sharp MX-C401 Specifications

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2008年10月16日 木曜日 午前10時51分
(11) Front cover
Open to replace a toner cartridge.
(12) Bypass tray
Special types of paper and
envelopes can be fed from the
bypass tray.
(13) USB connector (B type)
Supports USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed).
A computer can be connected to
this connector to use the machine
as a printer.
(14) LAN connector
Connect the LAN cable to this
connector when the machine is
used on a network.
(1) Drum cartridges
This contains the photosensitive
drum that is used to create images
for copying and printing.
(2) Developer cartridges
This contains the developer that is
necessary to transfer the toner to
the paper.
(3) Toner collection container
This collects excess toner that
remains after printing.
(4) Toner cartridges
These contain toner for printing.
When the toner runs out in a
cartridge, the cartridge of the color
that ran out must be replaced.