Download W01 Instruction - Xtreme Time Inc.

Applicable models:
Support System Version: iPhone 4S /5/5C /
5S IOS6.1 and above, Android4.3 above
and BT4.0
【Distance measurement】
【Calories Burned】
【sleep detector】
【Time Display】
【Sedentary reminders】
【Phone call r eminders】
【Message r eminders】
Bracelet introductions
This bracelet can not artificially shut down,
but when used until no power is left it will
automatically shut down. It can then be
used again once fully charged. Each press
of the button on the side of the bracelet will
let you view time, steps, distance, calories,
sleep time.
1. Download APP
Enter into Android market or Apple store to
download the APP, nam e “movnow Plus”
2. User Registration
Open the app and click new user, register
by email and then log in.
3. Connect to device
After log in, click “ binding smart bracelet”.
The system will automatically connect and
4. S ynchronize
After connected w ith bracelet, Drop down
this page to synchronize w ith bracelet, and
send the data to APP
Smart Bracelet
User Manual
5. De-binding settings
Click ‘Unbind”. After debinding,
The previous account date w ill
b e deleted. If you have to change a new
bracelet, You need to un lock and
reconnect with new device.
6. Sleep monitoring
6.1 Wear bracelet while sleeping to
monitoring your sleep movement and
sleep quality. In the APP sleep interface,
drop-down synchronization to view details
in the APP.
7. History
In the APP step interface and sleep
interface, click the calendar icon in the right
corner to enter and see your history. Swipe
to the right to see your past. Click the upper
right corner of the history interface and the
icon can be set on a daily or weekly basis.
8. Remind settings
The APP reminder interface can be set up
for a drink reminder, sedentary reminder,
BMI test, or a wake up reminder. When
the reminder you want is set up, you need
to synchronize the APP step interface to
achieve the reminder function on the