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Touch Screen RAS
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18 August 2014
Interlogix is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Tecom Touch Screen RAS
(Remote Arming Station). The new Touch Screen RAS brings simplicity and style to your
Challenger security system with an easy-to-use touch screen GUI, in a sleek, aluminium
Product compatibility
Fully-compatible with Challenger V8 and Challenger10
Scramble keypad
If this option is enabled the numbered buttons are moved after every log in to avoid
providing visual clues to the numbers used.
Configurable key display
The Open and Classic buttons can be hidden to simplify the home screen.
QWERTY keyboard
A QWERTY key display is provided for easy text entry in non-classic mode only.
Surface or flush mount
The TS1001 can be surface mounted with a cable entry provided on top of the
arming station or flush mounted into a cavity with a large rear cable entry.
Remote firmware upgradable
Firmware can be upgraded locally via USB or remotely when connected to a
Challenger10’s LAN using Titan version 3.2 or above.
UTC Fire & Security Australia Pty Ltd trading as Interlogix is a UTC Building & Industrial Systems company
Egress and open collector output
 There is an open collector output and an egress input provided for door control.
Tamper and egress
The tamper button and egress input can be disabled to prevent unwanted use.
Multiple history event display
The TS1001 can display multiple history events on its screen.
Known Issues
Scramble keypad does
not work for classic
The scramble keypad option will not function if you are using
classic mode.
Arm/Disarm using one
Do not select this option for the Touch Screen RAS as it may
cause spurious behaviour.
Updated history events.
You cannot retrieve history events that have happened since
accessing the history menu. You will need to exit and log in
again for them to be updated.
Marketing Materials
Touch Screen RAS datasheet
Touch Screen RAS user manual
Touch Screen RAS Installation Manual
UTC Fire & Security Australia Pty Ltd trading as Interlogix is a UTC Building & Industrial Systems company