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Connecting the Utility Cable
The multi-function connector (CN5) implements the following interfaces:
PC/AT compatible keyboard
PS/2 mouse port
Speaker port (0.1W output)
Hardware Reset input
Battery input for Real Time Clock
Soft Power Button input
To use these interfaces, you must connect to the utility port connector (CN5). The utility harness from the RTD
cable kit provides a small speaker, two connectors for the keyboard and mouse, a push-button for resetting the
PC/104-Plus or PCI-104 system, a soft-power button, and a lithium battery to provide backup power for the real
time clock.
Refer to Utility Port Connector (CN5) on page 28 to connect devices to the utility port connector.
Connecting a Keyboard
You may plug a PC/AT compatible keyboard directly into the PS/2 connector of the utility harness in the cable
Note Many keyboards are switchable between PC/XT and AT operating modes, with the mode usually
selected by a switch on the back or bottom of the keyboard. For correct operation with this cpuModule,
you must select AT mode.
CMA157886 cpuModule
Rev F