6.1 Connecting a computer, printer or label printer
The scale is equipped with RS232C, which can be used to connect external devices such as computer or
a printer.
When cooperating with computer, the scale sends weighing result after initialize signal from computer or
after pressing
key on the scale.
When cooperating with a printer data is send automatically after result stabilisation, but next transmission is
possible after removing previously weighted sample.
When cooperating with label printer after pressing
key, the scale sends instructions set for the label
printer. Label number 0001, hour, data (if the clock is installed and on) and nett weight. During transmission
LabEL communicate is displayed.
The way of sending data and transmission parameters is set using SErIAL special function.
Set of send data is set using special function PrInt.
The following data can be send:
Header (scale type, Max, d, e, serial number),
Operator identification number,
Successive printout number (measurement),
Identification number or product bar code,
Number of pcs (PCS function only),
Single detail mass (PCS function only),
Nett weight,
Tare (package mass),
Gross weight,
Total mass (Total function only).
If the scale is equipped with two serial joints Print function is set independently for both interfaces.
Computer must have a special program for cooperation with data from a scale.
Dedicated programs are also offered by AXIS.
Except RS232C joint, the scale can be equipped with USB or Wi-Fi interface.
Needed controllers and instruction can be found on a CD supplied with Axis scales.