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Additional Information
Do’s and Don’ts
Handling Precautions
• Do not touch the pick up lens.
• Do not subject the camcorder to
vibrations or strong impacts while the
DISC access indicator is on or
flashing. The data may not be
correctly recorded on the disc, and
the recording may be permanently
• Do not carry the camcorder by the
LCD panel or the disc cover. Be
careful when closing the LCD panel.
• Do not leave the camcorder in places
subject to high temperatures (like the
inside of a car under direct sunlight),
or high humidity.
• Do not use the camcorder near strong
electromagnetic fields such as above
TVs, near plasma TVs or mobile
• Do not point the lens or viewfinder at
strong light sources. Do not leave the
camcorder pointed at a bright
• Do not use or store the camcorder in
dusty or sandy places. The
camcorder is not waterproof – avoid
also water, mud or salt. If any of the
above should get into the camcorder
it may damage the camcorder and/or
the lens. Be sure to close the disc
compartment cover after use.
• Be careful of heat generated by
lighting equipment.
• Do not disassemble the camcorder. If
the camcorder does not function
properly, consult qualified service
• Handle the camcorder with care. Do
not subject the camcorder to shocks
or vibration as this may cause
Battery Pack
Treat the battery pack with care.
• Keep it away from fire (or it might
• Do not expose the battery pack to
temperature higher than 60 °C
(140 °F). Do not leave it near a heater
or inside a car in hot weather.
• Do not try to disassemble or modify
• Do not drop it or subject it to
• Do not get it wet.
• Charged battery packs continue to
discharge naturally. Therefore, charge
them on the day of use, or the day
before, to ensure a full charge.
• Contact of the battery pack terminals
with metallic objects may cause a
short circuit and damage the battery
• Dirty terminals may cause a poor
contact between the battery pack
and the camcorder. Wipe the
terminals with a soft cloth.
• Since storing a charged battery pack
for a long time (about 1 year) can
shorten its lifecycle or affect
performance, we recommend to
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