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Getting Ready to Start Recording
Getting Ready to Start
Adjusting the Position and Brightness
of the LCD Screen
Rotating the LCD Panel
Open the LCD panel 90 degrees.
• You can rotate the panel 90 degrees
• You can rotate the panel 180 degrees
toward the lens (allowing the subject to
monitor the LCD screen while you use
the viewfinder). Rotating the panel 180
degrees is also useful if you wish to
include yourself when recording with the
self timer. This is the only case where
you can use the viewfinder and the LCD
screen simultaneously.
About the LCD and viewfinder screen: The
screens are produced using extremely
high-precision manufacturing techniques,
with more than 99.99% of the pixels
operating to specification. Less than
0.01% of the pixels may occasionally
misfire or appear as black, red, blue or
green dots. This has no effect on the
recorded image and does not constitute a
LCD Backlight
You can set the brightness of the LCD
screen to normal or bright.
Hold DISP. pressed down for more
than 2 seconds.
Repeat this action to toggle between
the normal and bright settings.
• This setting does not affect the
brightness of the recording or the
viewfinder screen.
• Using the bright setting will shorten the
effective usage time of the battery pack.
Subject can monitor the LCD screen
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