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Disc specifications on DVD-RWs
VIDEO mode: Once finalized, discs recorded in VIDEO mode can be played
back in most common DVD players, offering the best compatibility. However,
recordings cannot be edited (deleted, rearranged, etc.).
VR mode: You can easily edit the recordings. However, discs recorded in VR
mode can be played back only with DVD players compatible with DVD-RWs in
VR mode.
Recommended discs
The camcorder's performance was tested** with single-layered discs using the
supplied discs and Hitachi-Maxell HG series DVD discs; and with dual-layered
discs using Canon DVD-R DL54 discs and Verbatim DVD-R DL discs. For further
details, contact directly the manufacturer's customer support center. Note that
attempting to record or play with this camcorder DVD discs that were recorded,
initialized or finalized with other digital devices can result in damage to the
camcorder or in the permanent loss of the recordings.
Playback on external devices
Make sure to finalize discs (
68) before you play them back on external DVD
devices. The disc's type and quality will affect its compatibility with external
devices. For a summary, you can refer to the sidebar on page 70. However, to be
sure, always refer to the instruction manual of the external device and make sure
it is compatible before inserting the disc.
For the highest compatibility with external DVD devices we recommend
using SD quality in VIDEO mode.
** As of April 2007 the camcorder's performance has been tested using DVD discs made by
Hitachi-Maxell, Panasonic and TDK as well. The use of other discs may result in incorrect
recording/playback or in not being able to remove the disc.
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