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External Connections
The first time you connect the
camcorder to the computer, you need
to install the software and set the autolaunch setting. From the second time
on, just connect the camcorder to the
computer using the USB cable to
transfer images.
1 Install the supplied Digital Video
Refer to the installation guide
(separate leaflet included with the
2 Set the camcorder to
3 Connect the camcorder to the
computer using the USB cable.
Refer to PC Connection Diagrams
4 Set the auto-launch setting.
• See Starting CameraWindow
(Windows) or Auto-downloading
(Macintosh) in the Digital Video
Software instruction manual
(electronic version on PDF file).
• The direct transfer menu appears
on the camcorder screen and the
button lights up.
- Do not turn off the camcorder or the
- Do not change the position of the
/ switch or the operating mode.
• Operation may not work correctly
depending on the software and the
specifications/settings of your
• If you wish to use the image files on your
computer, make copies of them first.
Use the copied files, retaining the
• During the following operations, even if
you connect the camcorder to the
computer it will not be recognized.
- Erasing all still images from the card
- Erasing all transfer orders
- Erasing all print orders
• We recommend powering the
camcorder using the compact power
• Refer also to the computer’s instruction
• Users of Windows Vista, Windows XP
and Mac OS X:
Your camcorder is equipped with the
standard Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP)
allowing you to transfer still images
(JPEG only) simply by connecting the
camcorder to a computer using the USB
cable without having to install the
supplied software.
• When the CARD access indicator is on
or flashing do not perform the following
actions. Doing so may result in
permanent data loss.
- Do not subject the camcorder to
vibrations or strong impacts.
- Do not open the memory card slot
cover and do not remove the memory
- Do not disconnect the USB cable.
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