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Settings | System Parameters
Or: Press the corresponding DSS key.
The "Simplified dialing" feature is only possible if only one route (see Routes) is configured.
Use only default number for MSN
If this field is activated, no more call numbers are installed which are based on Calling party
numbers of an ISDN device. Only the originally installed call numbers by the service technician
can be used. This might be necessary for security reasons and for exact call charging (for hotel
solutions, for example).
Path Optimization
Two lines are tied up when A telephones B, and B forwards the call to C if the CorNet Path optimization feature is not activated. When this feature is activated, the communication system
automatically switches the call to one line from A to C. The feature must be released in both
communication systems in the network.
DTMF Automatic
If this flag is turned on, it causes DTMF mode to be activated each time an outgoing call is set
up. This is useful, for example, for remote retrieval of answering machine messages. In order
to activate the features during a call, the user must always use the S-key (Service).
This feature can only be used if the Speed extending flag is deactivated at the intercept position (see Intercept / Attendant).
Broadcast with connection
A system flag is provided for controlling which announcement variant is used.
The new feature ’Broadcast with connection’ should make it possible to set up a 2-way connection from an existing announcement. This occurs when one of the addressed subscribers answers the call by lifting the handset. If the feature is not enabled, the announcement works as
in the previous version of the communication system, i.e., if subscribers lift the handset, they
stop the ongoing announcement at their station.
Tone from CO
If this flag is set, the connection to the CO/remote system is switched through even if no PI is
sent by the CO. The assumption is made that the remote system generates the ringing tone.
Ringback protection
The system default can be set for ringback protection in the case of MFC-R2/SMFC DID with
this flag.
A31003-H3590-M100-5-76A9, 11/2011
HiPath 3000 Manager E, Administrator Documentation