Download Miele H 370 Operating instructions

Before using for the first time
After the appliance has been turned on,
– "12:00" and the "f" (Start) and
")" (End) symbols will flash in the
– the timer will remain dark.
To save energy the time display has
been turned off (factory setting)
If the "f" and ")" buttons are
pressed simultaneously, "12.00"
should appear in the display.
Setting the time of day
Press the "f" (Start) and ")" (End)
buttons simultaneously.
"12:00" and the control lamp in the center of the “– /+” button will now stay on
without flashing.
Use the “– /+” button to enter the
time in hours and minutes.
When the control lamp for the “– /+” button goes out, the time has been set.
The colon will flash and the display will
change in one minute intervals.
To turn off the time display while still
allowing the clock to run unseen,
see page 24.
Use a cloth to wipe out the oven interior with warm water and a non-abrasive detergent solution. Dry it with
a soft cloth.
Do not close the oven door until the
oven interior is dry.
Rinse the accessories.
New ovens may have a slight odor during their first use. Running the oven for
at least an hour at 450°F / 230°C or
higher will make it dissipate more
Turn the Oven Mode Selector to
Select the highest temperature using
the "– /+" button.
The timer can be used to set the finish
time to one hour.
Make sure the room is well ventilated during this process.