Download Miele H 370 Operating instructions

Warning and Safety instructions
This appliance complies with all
legal safety requirements. Improper
use can cause both personal injury
and material damage.
Before installation and before using
the oven for the first time, read the
operating instructions carefully.
They contain important information
on safety, and on the operation and
care of the appliance.
Do not let children in, on or around
the appliance or its controls.
Keep these instructions in a safe
place and pass them to any future
Proper Use
This appliance is intended for
residential use only. Use for any
other purpose is at the owner’s risk and
could be dangerous. The manufacturer
cannot be held responsible for damage
caused by improper use of this appliance.
Installation and Servicing
Before connecting the appliance to
the power supply, make sure that
the available voltage and frequency
correspond to the ratings on the data
plate. Consult a licensed electrician if
in doubt.
The electrical safety of this appliance can only be guaranteed
when continuity is complete between
the appliance and a grounding system
which complies with local and national
ordinances. It is extremely important
that this safety requirement be verified
by a qualified electrician. The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for
problems arising due to an inadequate
or missing ground.
This appliance must only be operated after it has been installed in
appropriate cabinetry, as outlined in
the Installation instructions.
Installation and repairs should only
be performed by qualified and
trained personnel. Repairs or other
work performed by unqualified personnel could be dangerous.
The appliance is completely isolated from the electrical supply
only when:
– the main circuit breaker is tripped, or
– the fuse is removed (in countries
where this is applicable)