Download Sharp MX-7040N Specifications

MX-7040N / MX-6240N Sales Guide
Image Quality
Compared to previous models (MX-7001N / MX-6201N), the image quality has been drastically enhanced (both
colour and B/W) in copy / print / push scan mode.
Copy/ Print
Improvement of Colour Reproduction Area (Upgraded!)
By improving the toner for the MX-7040N / MX-6240N over the previous MX-7001N / MX-6201N, the colour
reproduction area becomes wider than before. The MX-7040N / MX-6240N can copy/print data, especially
cyan-based colour such as blue and/or green including sky, sea, grass, and/or trees brighter and more vividly than
before. In addition, by changing the algorithm to create black, the colour reproduction area on the MX-7040N /
MX-6240N is greatly improved.
Colour reproduction
area: 15% Up!
MX-7040N/ MX-6240N
Developer Refresh System (New!)
In conventional systems, developer is not refreshed on a regular basis due to the design of the carrier system. To
ensure image quality stability from the first page to the last, Sharp has developed a Developer Refresh System for
the MX-7040N / MX-6240N. This ensures that users experience superior image quality throughout the life of the
Developer refresh system: As well as toner, carrier is also supplied to the developing unit. The mixed toner and
carrier are delivered from toner cartridge to the developing unit to reduce the deterioration of developer and to
prolong its life compared with the conventional system. Used developer is then delivered to the waste toner box.
As a result, this new technology ensures the stability of the image quality on long print runs and ensures that
image quality is maintained between PM cycles.
Ex. Magenta Toner cartridge
Extract old developer