Download Sharp MX-7040N Specifications

MX-7040N / MX-6240N Sales Guide
Environmentally Friendly
 Drastically Reduced TEC Value
The MX-7040N / MX-6240N adopt various environmental technologies, for example, the newly developed belt
fusing unit, the learning feature to reduce power consumption, and the LED lamp. (These are same as
MX-5112N / MX-4112N). In addition, the MX-7040N / MX-6240N feature “eco scan” mode, which executes a
job by keeping the fuser off when that job does not require the fuser, such as image send or document filing.
These technologies result in a drastic reduction of the TEC value and warm-up times compared to the previous
models, MX-7001N / MX-6201N.
1) TEC value comparison between MX-7001N (20.17 kWh), MX-6201N (17.09 kWh), MX-7040N (7.76 kWh) and
MX-6040N (7.32 kWh)
2) Warm up time comparison between MX-7001N / 6201N (320 sec), MX-7040N / MX-6240N (55 sec)
57% reduction
62% reduction
Halogen Heater
83% reduction
Fusing Belt
The power consumption of the exposure lamp is drastically reduced by
changing it from Xenon to white LED.
Energy Saving Mode
The MX-7040N / MX-6240N can be set to go into power save mode after a set period of inactivity. In addition to
this, there is a power-save button which, when pressed, forces the MFP into power save mode immediately.