Download Sharp MX-7040N Specifications

MX-7040N / MX-6240N Sales Guide
USB Interface
An easy to access USB port allows users to scan important documents directly onto their USB memory drive, or to
print documents directly from their USB memory. Compatible file formats include:
 Encrypted PDF
 Compact PDF (requires optional MX-EB11)
 XPS (requires optional MX-PUX1)
There are two USB ports; one at the front of the MFP on the operation panel and one at the rear of the MFP. The
USB port at the rear is exclusive for the wireless USB adaptor* (MX-EB13) if this option is installed by the user.
* Launch month of wireless USB adaptor for the MX-7040N / MX-6240N is TBD.
System Settings
When users want to operate the system settings, they can access from the operation panel and/or the Web page.
With conventional models, some settings can only be accessed from the Web page and the screen of the system
settings. However, on the MX-7040N / MX-6240N, the number of settings that can be accessed from the
operation panel and the web page is almost the same.