Download Siemens SIMATIC TIWAY 1 User manual

After the NIM has been installed and configured, you should verify that the NIM is
logged into the P/C I/O map. (This is the first thing you should do if the PC GOOD LED is
not lit.)
Connect a programming device to the P/C to verify P/C-module communication.
If you have a TI525 P/C system with a Video Programming Unit (or a SIMATIC
TISOFT package), press F3 for the CONFIO function, then F2 for SHOW, and then F7
for READ BASE. This sequence allows you to check all I/O points on the base where the
NIM is installed.
Once you have entered the appropriate command, the P/C will respond with a chart
listing all slots on the base and the inputs or outputs associated with each slot. If a row on
the chart is blank, then the corresponding base slot does not contain a module.
To verify the installation, look in the chart for the slot number corresponding to the slot
occupied by the module. If an “S” or “SF” (special function) and word memory locations
appear on this line, the module is registered in the P/C memory and you can proceed with
the usual operations. If the line is blank or erroneous, you should check the NIM to be
sure it is firmly seated in the slot and enter the appropriate command again.
You can also use the PPX:505–7510 HIT (Handheld Intelligent Terminal) to verify that a
module is operating correctly. Just use the HIT to read the appropriate status word
(11–18) for the base the module is installed in. See the Handheld Intelligent Terminal
User’s Manual for detailed procedures.
If you need additional help, or information that is not included in this Technical
Advisory, contact your Siemens Industrial Automation, Inc. distributor or sales agent. If
you need assistance in contacting your distributor or sales office in the United States,
call 800–964–4114. If additional technical assistance is needed, call the SIA Technical
Services Group in Johnson City, Tennessee at 615–461–2522.
Network cabling should already be in place before NIM installation is begun. There are
two communication ports on the TI505 NIM. The top port is port A, and the bottom port is
port B. Plug the network interface cables into one of these two ports. For media
redundancy, use both ports.
TIWAY 1 Ti505 NIM User Manual