Download Siemens TPS3 15 Specifications

Review 4
If the secondary of a four-wire, wye-connected
transformer is 480 V phase-to-phase, the phase to
neutral voltage is _____ V.
2. If the secondary of a four-wire, delta-connected, BØ
high leg transformer is 240 volts phase-to-phase,
determine the following phase to neutral voltages.
_____ V from A-N
_____ V from B-N
_____ V from C-N
3. According to NEC® Article 230.71, the maximum
number of disconnect devices that can be used to
disconnect and isolate the service from all other
equipment is ____ .
4. ________ permanently joins metal parts to form a lowresistance path for electrical current.
5. The ________ conductor is grounded only at the
service entrance equipment, never at any downstream