Download Siemens TPS3 15 Specifications

Final Exam
Before taking the final exam, it is recommended that you delete
the temporary internet files from your computer’s web browser.
For most versions of Internet Explorer, you can do this by
selecting Internet Options from the Tools menu and then
clicking on the Delete Files button. If you do not perform this
step, you may see a score of 0% after you submit your exam for
The final exam for this course is available online at This web page provides
links to all our quickSTEP online courses. To complete the final
exam for this course, click on the Basics of Panelboards link.
Next, move your mouse over to the left so that the navigation
bar pops out and select the Final Exam link. The final exam
page will appear.
After you complete the final exam, click on the Grade the
Exam button at the bottom of the page. Your score on the exam
will be displayed along with the questions that you missed.
If you score 70% or better on the exam, you will be given two
options for displaying and printing a certificate of completion.
The Print Certificate option allows you to display and print
the certificate without saving your score in our database and
the Save Score option allows you to save your score and
display and print your certificate. The Save Score option is
primarily intended for use by our distributors and Siemens