Download Siemens TPS3 15 Specifications

TPS3 Transient Protection Systems
Many electrical devices and systems are susceptible to
damage from the high energy levels associated with electrical
surges caused by lightning or other electrical equipment. Any
component between the source of the surge and ground can
be damaged. Therefore, electrical systems aren’t complete
unless they incorporate surge protection. Surge protection
is best accomplished by stopping surges before they get in
through the application of hard-wired surge protection devices
(SPDs) installed at key electrical system surge entry points.
Siemens TPS3 SPDs are designed to the UL 1449 3rd edition
standard for hard-wired SPDs. TPS3 SPDs provide the highest
degree of safety while delivering some of the industry’s best
performance ratings. Siemens TPS3 family of commercial SPDs
share common performance parameters and are offered in two
configurations: integral SPDs (designed into our distribution
equipment) and external or wall-mounted SPDs.
TPS3 options are available for Siemens panelboards and other
distribution equipment. One example of an integral TPS3 SPD is
a P1 panelboard option that bolts directly to the panelboard bus
bars. Once installed, LEDs indicate that the device is working
and provide voltage and diagnostic monitoring. There is an
audible alarm and test button. Options include a surge counter
and a remote monitoring device.
P1 Panel with TPS3 SPD