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Your journal is a record of every quest you’ve discovered. It provides some background on what you need to do and
why, and sometimes—although not always—hint at alternate solutions to the problem. Although you can work on
many quests simultaneously, only one can be marked as your active quest, as denoted by two large arrowheads
beside the quest. The main interface and your area map only display points of interest for the active quest.
In the journal, the tab marked with an arrow icon displays incomplete quests, whereas the tab marked with a
checkmark displays quests you’ve finished, just in case you want to review.
Your codex, which you’ll find under the tab of your journal marked with an icon of a sheet of paper, stores
information you’ve found about life in Thedas and about playing the game. Sometimes, these are excerpts from
books you’ve found; other times, they take the form of encyclopedia entries on a topic. You can find codex entries
by examining objects in the world, by asking about certain topics in conversation, or by killing enemies—and when
you encounter new aspects of gameplay, the codex category called Controls often updates with an explanation.
Pay particular attention to codex entries in the Quest-Related category. These usually provide information vital
to completing your plots.
Conversation History
The fourth tab in your journal, marked with a speech-bubble icon, provides a record of the 25 most recent
conversations, letting you review the details of what someone said. Don’t worry about conversations cycling out
of this list: the journal itself always reflects major plot points.
Downloadable Content
The final tab in your journal, marked with a treasure-chest icon, displays new content that you can download to
extend the game. This is similar to the downloadable content screen accessible from the main menu.
Dragon Age: Origins features two types of maps—area maps that appear mostly incomplete when you enter an
area, yet gain new details as you explore, and a world map used to travel between areas. The mini-map in the
top-right corner of the game screen shows only a small section of the area map.
The world map (actually just a map of the nation of Ferelden—Thedas as a whole is much larger) becomes
available once you complete the game’s prologue. In the upper-right inset is your party camp, where you can
visit with your party members and automatically heal characters of injuries. Be wary when traveling between
locations on the world map; hostile parties often ambush adventurers.