Download PictureTel 4500 User's Manual

3. Use
to select Enable Manual Key, and press ENTER.
The following message appears:
Manual Key
Enter master key,
press ENTER for no change.
4. Type the decryption key number, and press ENTER.
YouÕll see a message asking you to reenter the key.
5. Retype the decryption key number, and press ENTER again.
The system returns you to the Dialing Directory screen and [On] appears next
to Encrypt This Call.
6. Make your call.
You can use the manual dial, speed dial, or directory dial method. For more
information, see the Making a Call Ñ The Basics tab.
YouÕll see messages indicating that the system is making the call.
When the people at the far-end site answer your call, Encryption in Use appears
brießy on your screen.